Bad Seed and Our Culture of Violence

Harvey Weinstein, who produced such excessively violent hit movies over the years like Reservoir Dogs, Rambo and Django Unchained has had an apparent mea culpa moment. He appeared on Pierce Morgan’s show and bemoaned his involvement in creating violent films and vowed to make movies that decry gun violence. Ann Coulter also appeared on the show and questioned his sincerity and blasted him for being a hypocrite. She said in part that if he were truly repentant he would give the hundreds of millions of dollars he made on those films to victims organizations (or at least like Zacchaeus the tax collector give half of it).

I don’t think the focus should be on Harvey’s hypocrisy. All of us are sinners and acknowledging sin and repenting is a good thing. What we should focus on instead is the impact of violent movies, video games and entertainment on our soul. Weinstein is acknowledging the influence his movies have made on our culture. I believe that violent media is responsible for creating a culture where gun violence is acceptable and people are desensitized to the blood being spilled, destruction and death.

My son, who did 2 combat tours in Afghanistan as a Marine, told me they trained them to kill with violent videos. They also psychologically trained the Marines to view the enemy as less than human. That is exactly what goes on in the minds of people who watch violent movies or play violent video games with no redemptive quality. Most of these films feature anti-heroes who are deeply flawed and morally confused. The violence is choreographed and the “hero” will deliver one liners that evoke laughter from the audience, and those being shot and killed don’t seem real. Lenin said “give me 4 years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Our children have been indoctrinated by the entertainment industry; they have been desensitized to violence and the pain and suffering of victims.

I don’t have a problem with having a background check before someone can buy a gun. But, that alone will not stop gun violence. Unless we tackle the culture of violence that our entertainment industry has produced and we have paid for, we will not stop the violence. I hope Lenin is wrong and that the destructive seeds that have been planted in the minds of our children will be uprooted.

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    Doug Martin
  • Doug Martin is President and GM of Good News Radio Broadcasting Inc. He sits on the board of 4 Tucson.

Doug is the CEO of GNRB.

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