• Why Not to “Follow Your Heart”

    Why Not to “Follow Your Heart”

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. It could be that “follow your heart” is the most destructive piece of advice parents, rom-coms and love songs ever dispensed. “Follow your heart” can be blamed for the divorce skyrocket in the late 1970s that now leaves adult children of split families skittish to commit.…

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  • Trump’s Media Strategy Could be Working as Planned

    Why does President Trump continue his ferocious attacks on media as “fake news” and “really bad people” who “don't love our country”? Surely, he understands that relentless assaults won't win him more favorable, or even more balanced coverage. Trump defenders say the President rips the press because they deserve it;…

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  • Confronting the Truth Behind the Monument Debates

    Confronting the Truth Behind the Monument Debates

    The raging debate over statues honoring Southern leaders in the Civil War turns on the true nature of the Confederate cause. Ten days after adoption of the Confederate Constitution, the future Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander H. Stephens, proclaimed: Our new government is founded upon exactly this idea: its…

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  • The Real Reason the South Left the Union

    The Real Reason the South Left the Union

    Tragic recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia raise new questions about an old debate. Why did Southern states leave the Union in the first place, resulting in a war that killed more than 700,000 Americans? Mississippi, the 2nd of 11 states that ultimately seceded from the federal government, gave a clear…

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  • Drawing the Line on the Confederate Monuments

    Drawing the Line on the Confederate Monuments

    Current arguments over Confederate monuments often involve the question of drawing a line. The majority of the first nine American presidents owned slaves, so should we destroy memorials to all of them? The obvious answer is no—unless such monuments specifically honored these men for their support of an evil institution,…

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  • The Over-hyped “Dangerous Divisions”

    The Over-hyped “Dangerous Divisions”

    Following the horrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia, the public seems deeply alarmed at the dangerous divisions in the country. But what are the substantive issues that actually divide the country? When it comes to hate festivals staged by neo-Nazis and the KKK, there's virtually no disagreement: nearly every American, left…

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  • Cultivating Positive Attitudes in Difficult Times

    Cultivating Positive Attitudes in Difficult Times

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. Got distress? It seems to be everywhere right now—the political scene is wild, the world is precarious, and too many relationships are teetering. But a counter-intuitive response might help. In researching my new book Don't Divorce: Powerful Arguments for Saving and Revitalizing your Marriage, I found…

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  • How Will It End?

    How Will It End?

    Partisan Democrats and their obsessed supporters in the media may relish the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the election, but most Americans yearn for these battles to end. When they do, both sides may feel frustrated: Liberals won't get the grounds for impeachment they obviously desire, while administration defenders…

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  • Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

    Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

    Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the most widely respected members of either House of Congress, has begun negotiating a last-ditch healthcare reform that deserves bipartisan support. His approach urges Republicans to extend insurance subsidies under Obamacare to prevent an imminent explosion in health insurance costs. In return,…

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  • The Real Battle Between Good and Evil

    The Real Battle Between Good and Evil

    On Sabbath eve of July 21st, the Salomon family in the Israeli community of Halamish prepared a “Shalom Zachor” celebration to welcome their new-born baby grandson. As they set out sweets and refreshments for their expected guests, a 19-year-old Palestinian stranger burst into the home and stabbed four members of…

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