• Winning with a “Young Underdog”

    Winning with a “Young Underdog”

    If Republicans hope to win the White House in 2016 they should consider the success enjoyed by Democrats in winning four of the last six presidential elections. In each of those winning races, the Democrats nominated candidates – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – who might be described as “young…

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  • “No Escape” from the Cliches of Hollyweird Leftism

    “No Escape” from the Cliches of Hollyweird Leftism

    Even a bad, silly movie can unwittingly illustrate the toxic anti-Americanism that poisons too many Hollywood productions. NO ESCAPE is a would-be thriller starring Owen Wilson as a good-natured American who takes his wife and daughters to an unidentified Southeast Asian country for a new corporate job; Pierce Brosnan is…

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  • The Ugly Truth about Homeless Vets

    The Ugly Truth about Homeless Vets

    Activists portray homeless people as innocent victims of our economic system, with no responsibility for their sad condition. Homeless veterans are cited as classic examples, but a new study by the Department of Veterans Affairs shows as many as 43% of homeless vets were dishonorably discharged for serious misconduct, including…

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  • Putting Gun Deaths in Context

    Putting Gun Deaths in Context

    Liberal voices in politics and media react to well-publicized murders by blaming firearms and arguing that gun control could reduce rates of violence. But they never put gun deaths in context, or acknowledge that murder rates have been going down, not up—cut in half over 30 years. Moreover, much of…

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  • Personally Cruel and Idiotic as Policy

    Personally Cruel and Idiotic as Policy

    Some Republican politicians now say they want to change the Constitution, or challenge the Supreme Court, to begin denying citizenship to children born on American soil to parents who are undocumented immigrants. But they can't answer the question of how to classify such American-born kids if you don't count them…

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  • Agitation for Impossible Policies Is Political Malpractice

    Agitation for Impossible Policies Is Political Malpractice

    The GOP is currently divided—with a narrow faction arguing that we should abolish birthright citizenship, even though real-world chances of achieving this proposed change register at close to zero. Some legal scholars may challenge the common understanding that the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to anyone born in the U.S., but…

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  • Rank Hypocrisy on Birtherism

    Rank Hypocrisy on Birtherism

    Four years ago, when Donald Trump briefly campaigned for president before quitting the race, he focused on the issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate, claiming to possess evidence that the president was born abroad and therefore ineligible for his office. But this year, Trump respects the candidacy of Ted Cruz,…

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  • How to Beat Planned Parenthood

    How to Beat Planned Parenthood

    To win the battle over funds for Planned Parenthood, conservatives must make clear that we're trying to end government sponsorship, not destroy the organization. Federal money provides only a third of the Planned Parenthood operating budget: the rest comes from donations and fees for services. Those who admire the organization…

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  • The Question Trump Can’t Answer

    The Question Trump Can’t Answer

    In the GOP debate, Donald Trump said he couldn't commit to support the ultimate nominee, and refused to rule out a third party run, but he never faced the obvious follow-up question. If he really cares about the conservative principles he now espouses, why wouldn't he promise to support the…

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  • Complainers vs. Planners

    Complainers vs. Planners

    In the wake of the Republican presidential debate, the Wall Street Journal observed that GOP candidates are now trying to win support as either “fighters” or “statesmen.” The fighters concentrate on battling against forces that they fear and resent, while the statesmen promise to build consensus for a reform agenda.…

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