• Why Democrats Are Suddenly Unforgiving Moralists

    Why Democrats Are Suddenly Unforgiving Moralists

    An Economist/YouGov poll asks respondents if they'd back “a presidential candidate who has done immoral acts in private life.” Surprisingly, Democrats seemed less forgiving and flexible than Republicans: A full 48% of Republicans found it acceptable to back a candidate with moral failings, but only 19% of Democrats agreed. After…

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  • Partisanship Trumps Policy in Reacting to North Korea

    Partisanship Trumps Policy in Reacting to North Korea

    Reactions to White House plans to meet with Kim Jong-Un highlight the damaging impact of partisan polarization and obsessive Trump hatred. Had Barack Obama arranged to negotiate with the brutal North Korean dictator, some of the same Democrats now deriding Trump would have hailed their hero as a bold visionary,…

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  • Hollywood’s Glaring Hypocrisy

    Hollywood’s Glaring Hypocrisy

    Hollywood hypocrisy has never looked more glaring. Leaders of the entertainment industry angrily condemn guns, even while their films and TV shows glorify gun violence and fetishize firearms. Meanwhile, producers and stars vehemently denounce exploitative sexuality, at the same time that acclaimed projects center on just this sort of eroticism.…

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  • “Lessons Learned” on Oscar Night?

    “Lessons Learned” on Oscar Night?

    The over-riding message from this year's Academy Awards it was, “We've Learned Our Lesson!” Responding to the #MeToo movement and reports of erotic exploitation and sexism, presenters and Oscar winners frequently alluded to the scandal and made sanctimonious pledges to crack down on wrong-doers. After complaints in recent years about…

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  • Destroying a Gun Won’t Protect a Child

    Destroying a Gun Won’t Protect a Child

    When I was a kid, my late mother used to urge her four boys to consume whatever unappetizing vegetables we left on our plates by reminding us that, “There are starving kids in India.” I recalled those long-ago arguments when watching a well-intentioned but illogical anti-gun video that's gone viral…

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  • Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 39 States

    Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 39 States

    A new Gallup Poll offers encouragement and challenges for Republicans. In the national survey, Americans who describe themselves as “conservatives” still outnumber self-defined “liberals” by significant margins—35 percent to 26. What's more, in 39 of the 50 states, conservatives top the other side decisively. In only nine states—all of them…

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  • Privatize Trump’s Patriotic Parade

    Privatize Trump’s Patriotic Parade

    Angry arguments greeted the President's proposal for a grand parade celebrating America's military might, but the administration could still turn the controversy into a big win. Justification for the parade involves rallying public enthusiasm for our unmatched military, while the argument against it cites a waste of money at a…

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  • Black Panther’s Misleading Utopia

    Black Panther’s Misleading Utopia

    BLACK PANTHER has made movie history as the first smash hit about a black superhero. But even as international audiences savor this splashy entertainment, it's worth noting some necessary reservations. The dialogue is full of clunky clichés, the plot is convoluted, the lavish sets and costumes look tacky and sometimes…

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  • Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    President Trump and his key Congressional allies are making a disastrous mistake in letting their Democratic opponents select the field of engagement for this year's struggle for control of Capitol Hill. In so doing, they ignore the crucial lessons of history provided by a noble hero of the Battle of…

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