• Connected Celebrations

    Connected Celebrations

    This year, the ancient Jewish calendar and the modern secular calendar fall into rare alignment: the first night of Hanukah falls on Christmas Eve. It's a good time to note similarities between the messages of the Christian and Jewish holidays that begin on the same evening. Both festivals celebrate light—and…

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  • How to Improve Health, Well-Being and Marriage

    How to Improve Health, Well-Being and Marriage

    A new analysis from the Harvard School of Public Health reports on a powerful pattern of behavior that produces substantial benefits in terms of increased longevity, enhanced physical and emotional well-being and, especially, greater marital stability. Confirming many other previous studies, Professor Tyler J. VanderWeele shows that those who attend…

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  • Resist the Temptation of Pointless Press Battles

    Resist the Temptation of Pointless Press Battles

    As he prepares to assume power, President-elect Trump and those of us who support his agenda of conservative reform should resist the temptation for pointless battles with the press. Liberal media bias is nothing new, and the most successful conservatives, like Reagan, managed to transcend it. Richard Nixon, on the…

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  • “Commensurate to Our Capacity for Wonder”

    “Commensurate to Our Capacity for Wonder”

    The story behind my book THE AMERICAN MIRACLE begins with my late father, whose birth in Philadelphia 90 years ago constitutes an American miracle of its own. My grandfather, a barrel maker from a destitute and decrepit village in Ukraine, came to the United States in 1906. He left behind…

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  • 3 Democratic Delusions

    3 Democratic Delusions

    As Democrats try to regroup after their recent presidential defeat, they tend to delude themselves on three crucial points. First, they seek comfort in Hillary Clinton's popular vote margin of more than two million, marking the sixth election of the last seven in which a Democrat won more raw votes…

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  • Impossible to Ignore Conservative Trend

    Impossible to Ignore Conservative Trend

    In order to minimize the scope of the conservative victory on in the recent elections, liberal commentators treat Donald Trump's achievement as an isolated fluke – with a TV celebrity winning a battle of personalities by just enough votes in the upper mid-west to win a surprising electoral college victory.…

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  • Democrat Delusions and Their Dire Prospects

    Democrat Delusions and Their Dire Prospects

    As Democrats try to regroup from their disastrous performance in recent elections, they delude themselves on two crucial points. First, they blame their losses on a uniquely unpopular presidential candidate, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is hardly alone among recent Democratic nominees in her inability to connect with the…

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  • What’s Wrong with California?

    What’s Wrong with California?

    Election records of the last 64 years raise an inescapable question: what happened to California? The Golden State used to be a sure-thing for the GOP, with Republicans winning California in 9 of 10 elections between 1952 and 1992. But after '92, Democrats swept the Golden State in seven straight…

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  • Hillary’s Dubious Popular Vote Victory: Just One State

    Defeated, desperate Democrats try to console themselves by emphasizing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 1.5 million, but this fact hardly suggests a national preference for liberal policies or personalities. Hillary's advantage was based entirely on a single state, which is why she lost the Electoral…

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  • The Right Man for the Right Job

    The Right Man for the Right Job

    Donald Trump's selection of a new chief of staff seems to follow recommendations from the only book that tells the story of all presidents and their top aides. I'm partial to THE SHADOW PRESIDENTS because I wrote it, and urged: First, that a successful chief of staff must display a…

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