• France and the Collapse of the Left

    France and the Collapse of the Left

    French voters won't pick a new president until May 7th but the first round of balloting highlights an important international trend, the dramatic decline of the left: * The candidate of the ruling Socialists finished a pathetic fifth in France, not coming close to the run-off. * In Britain's upcoming…

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  • Look Forward, Not Backward

    Look Forward, Not Backward

    If the American people seem increasingly disgusted with both major political parties, that's due at least in part to the tendency of each of the two sides to look backward rather than forward. The Democrats have become utterly obsessed with the so-called “Russian Connection,” trying to expose alleged collusion between…

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  • “The Choosing People” of Passover

    “The Choosing People” of Passover

    As Jewish people around the world prepare to celebrate Passover on April 10th, it's worth recalling an often-ignored aspect of the Exodus story. The Midrash, a nearly-2,000-year-old collection of elucidations of the Biblical text, suggests most of the Hebrew slaves, despite the miracles around them, felt too fearful to follow…

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  • No Quick Fix on Health Care

    No Quick Fix on Health Care

    President Trump and Speaker Ryan failed to notch a GOP victory by repealing and replacing Obamacare, but the defeat of The American Health Care Act did highlight an important conservative principle. Conservatism has always emphasized incremental, pragmatic change, based on the will of a majority; it's progressives who favor sweeping,…

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  • Honor the Law, Not Feelings or Favoritism

    Honor the Law, Not Feelings or Favoritism

    Democrats opposed to the Supreme Court nomination of Neal Gorsuch cite his “legalistic” failure to show consistent favor to “the little guy” against big corporations. But Gorsuch defenders insist that an impartial judge can't allow emotion to tilt the scales of justice. In this, Gorsuch echoes both his mentor, Justice…

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  • Losing Ground in the “Happiness Rankings”

    Losing Ground in the “Happiness Rankings”

    The Sustainable Development Solutions network, an initiative of the UN, is out with its yearly “World Happiness Report,” in which respondents around the globe were asked how close their current circumstances came to their “best possible life.” The United States placed 14th of the 155 surveyed nations—well ahead of Germany,…

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  • Exaggerating Bad News on Anti-Semitism and Racism

    Exaggerating Bad News on Anti-Semitism and Racism

    Bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and desecration of Jewish cemeteries make the news and produce fears of surging Jew hatred, even though scientific studies show anti-Semitism at historic lows. A survey from Pew Research Center in February of 2017 showed Jews to be the most popular religious group in…

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  • Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

    Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

    Profound changes in the institution of matrimony go far beyond the push for same-sex marriage. After many years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Diane Medved notes a shift in marital priorities from commitment to feelings. ”Do your duty” has been replaced with “follow your heart.” In response, my wife has…

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  • Still the Core of the Conflict

    Still the Core of the Conflict

    Palestinian leaders claim that Israeli settlements in disputed territory constitute the chief obstacle to peace, but their arguments actually expose the nature of their extremist agenda. At CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, representatives of Israeli settler communities expressed their willingness to live under governance of a new Palestinian state,…

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