• Privatize Trump’s Patriotic Parade

    Privatize Trump’s Patriotic Parade

    Angry arguments greeted the President's proposal for a grand parade celebrating America's military might, but the administration could still turn the controversy into a big win. Justification for the parade involves rallying public enthusiasm for our unmatched military, while the argument against it cites a waste of money at a…

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  • Black Panther’s Misleading Utopia

    Black Panther’s Misleading Utopia

    BLACK PANTHER has made movie history as the first smash hit about a black superhero. But even as international audiences savor this splashy entertainment, it's worth noting some necessary reservations. The dialogue is full of clunky clichés, the plot is convoluted, the lavish sets and costumes look tacky and sometimes…

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  • Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    President Trump and his key Congressional allies are making a disastrous mistake in letting their Democratic opponents select the field of engagement for this year's struggle for control of Capitol Hill. In so doing, they ignore the crucial lessons of history provided by a noble hero of the Battle of…

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  • “Bamboozlement” and “Down-right Fraud”

    “Bamboozlement” and “Down-right Fraud”

    In 1915, H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) delivered a harsh verdict on the politics of his time which applies even more forcefully to our political culture in 2018. Mencken said politics had become an “endless saturnalia of bunk, of bluff, of stupidity, of insincerity, of false virtue, of nonsense, of pretense,…

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  • Not as Fragmented as Pessimists Presume

    Not as Fragmented as Pessimists Presume

    A major study from the Pew Research Center should reassure those of us who worry about the fragmentation of America based on race and ethnicity. Among the 43 million U.S. adults with Hispanic ancestry, a full 5 million don't identify themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino” at all. Moreover, among families…

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  • Democrats: Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

    Democrats: Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

    A survey of opinion on the Middle East brings good news to Israel and bad news for Democrats. The Pew Center asked the question: “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with?” Among every gender, every racial or religious group, every age or educational level,…

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  • Screen Time Blues

    Screen Time Blues

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. Parents, have you lamented that it's difficult to restrain kids from too much “screen time?” With kids now owning smart phones at ever-younger ages, it seems they're replacing interactive play with years bowing heads toward distractions in their palms. Let me suggest a simple way to…

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  • Marijuana Isn’t Harmless for Moms and Their Kids

    Marijuana Isn’t Harmless for Moms and Their Kids

    The growing and powerful marijuana industry wants the public to believe that the drug they promote is harmless, or even beneficial for many medical conditions. But a major study of nearly 300,000 pregnant women in JAMA – the Journal of the American Medical Association – shows that getting high is…

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  • The Oprah Infatuation: Dems Place Personality Over Policy

    The Oprah Infatuation: Dems Place Personality Over Policy

    The unbounded enthusiasm for Oprah Winfrey's prospective presidential run illustrates the Democrats' tendency to prioritize personality above policy. No one knows where Oprah stands on issues of the day, or what style of governance she'd favor, but Democrats know she's a popular personality and that's enough for them. Barack Obama…

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  • A New Monument to Black Confederates

    A New Monument to Black Confederates

    Two Republican legislators in South Carolina proposed a new monument on the state Capitol grounds to honor Confederate soldiers—this time commemorating black fighting men who went to battle for the South. This idea is both ill-considered and offensive. First, the estimated 6,000 African-Americans who did fight for the Confederacy were…

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