• Part 2 of Romney 3.0

    Part 2 of Romney 3.0

    My Monday Washington Examiner column focuses on the reaction to the Friday Politico Magazine article I co-authored with Robert C. O'Brien on the buzz around as return of Mitt Romney to the lists of possible 2016 contenders. The Politico piece has, as of this posting, generated more than 1,700 comments.…

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  • “Calvary”


    I hope the Brendon Gleeson-led all-star cast of “Calvary” brings the audiences Calvary deserves. It is one of the most complex, provocative and thoughtful assessments of the aftermath of the Roman Catholic Church's abuse scandals as has been offered in any medium, and one of the most balanced putting as…

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  • Georgia Democrat Michele Nunn And Real Voter Suppression

    The worst sort of “voter suppression” is when a false vote is cast, for it cancels out a real vote –suppresses completely a real vote. The Hill yesterday reported on a wide-ranging investigation into a group backing Georgia Democrat Michele Nunn in her race against David Perdue. Hot Air's Ed…

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  • Chuck Todd On IS And Romney 3.0

    Meet The Press' Chuck Todd joined me today to discuss this coming Sunday's Meet The Press: Audio: 09-12hhs-todd Transcript: HH: So pleased to welcome the host of Meet The Press, Chuck Todd of NBC News. And Chuck, welcome, congratulations, you had a great first week as host of Meet The…

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  • Third Time’s The Charm?

    Third Time’s The Charm?

    Third time's the charm? BERT C. O'BRIEN O'Brien and I have authored a long piece for Politico Magazine on the prospects of a return of Mitt Romney to the lists. Short version: We think he will run if the GOP seemRs headed toward nominating someone he believes cannot beat Hillary.v

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  • AEI’s Arthur Brooks On POTUS’ “Strategy”

    Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, joined me Thursday for a wide-ranging discussion of the president's speech and the “strategy” behind it. Some key takeaways: The Audio: 09-11hhs-brooks The Transcript: HH: I begin with Arthur Brooks today, the president of the American Enterprise Institute, and all around wonderful…

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