• The Beltway February ’14

    My Monday Washington Examiner column collects my thoughts on last's week's immersion in Beltway doings. Not sure whom to send The Happiest Life to: Seahawks' or Broncos' fans. Chapters applicable to both. And here is a Wall Street Journal interview with the Phillip Seymour Hoffman from a year ago this…

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  • A Sunday Look Back At SOTU

    You had already forgotten it, right? Clark Judge hasn't: State of the Union Address: An Admission of FailureBy Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute On Tuesday night the President delivered his State of the Union address to a nation that has stopped…

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  • A Federal Data Breach Safe Harbor Act?

    A Federal Data Breach Safe Harbor Act?

    Congress can't accomplish much these days, right? No room for common ground and bipartisan effort? How about trying for an obviously necessary thing that might please everyone across the spectrum (except plaintiffs' lawyers hungry for a new, deep vein of cases): A federal legislative “safe harbor” for data breach victims.…

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  • The Keystone Cops

    Front page, top headline in the dead trees edition of The Washington Post: “State plays down pipeline's impact.” Sub-header, all in caps: “BUT KEYSTONE APPROVAL STILL IN DOUBT” There are zero economic reasons not to approve the pipeline's construction in short order. Only a neo-theological basis for opposition exists, but…

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  • “The Tip Of The Iceberg”

    That's Powerline's John Hinderaker's capstone conclusion following his colleague's Paul Mirengoff's assessment of what is happening at the Department of Justice. ”Hundreds of Career Prosecutors Revolt Against Eric Holder” is must reading, and the House Judiciary Committee –rather than taking up party-splitting immigration legislation– should take up an invetsigation of…

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  • Who Will Be The Next Speaker Of The House?

    Who Will Be The Next Speaker Of The House?

    After yesterday's interview of me by Jake Tapper about The Happiest Life, email poured in –about my later interview of the Washington Post's Robert Costa on the question of who will be the next Speaker of the House if, as widely expected, John Boehner retires at the end of this…

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