• Dads and Daughters

    Dads and Daughters

    Lots of extraordinary athletes doing great things this week in Sochi, and hardly an hour passes that we don't get a 5 minute feature of a wonderful mom or an incredible dad behind them. How, many parents must be wondering, did they put up with that life of rinks, slopes,…

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  • Ghosting for Speaker Boehner; #KeepYourPromise

    Ghosting for Speaker Boehner; #KeepYourPromise

    My Monday Washington Examiner column lays out what the Speaker ought to say as he introduces the repeal of the cut to retirement benefits of career military improvidently passed last month, and the source of much political anger directed at Republicans. The hashtag for people preparing to follow this debate…

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  • IDreamOfFish.org

    If you heard Miles and Dan Lin on Thursday's show, you know the son-dad team are helping launch aquaponics projects in India and Uganda. Dan is also the producer of The Lego Movie, which is going to open this weekend to reviews from happy parents who have a movie they…

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  • “Daughters In Danger” by Elayne Bennett

    “Daughters In Danger” by Elayne Bennett

    Elayne Bennett joins me in hour three to discuss her new book Daughters in Danger After you have heard Elayne and read her book, you can become more deeply involved in the effort to protect girls and young women from the epidemic of violence against them via Best Friends Foundation.…

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