• Talking “Noah” With Ari Handel

    Talking “Noah” With Ari Handel

    Ari Handel wrote “Noah” with director Darren Aronofsky, and given that the story of the flood is easily among the top two or three best known stories in the world, I was interested in how he approached the challenge. Having seen the film –most of the controversies swirling around it…

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  • Debating Common Core

    I have covered the “Common Core” at length and in depth pom the program for most of the past year, with extended interviews with both proponents and opponents. Yesterday Dr. Craig Barrett, the former CEO of Intel and current Chair of Basis Schools, was my guest to defend the Common…

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  • The 14 Plus 3

    The 14 Plus 3

    <img width="150" title="More..." alt="" src="http://www.hughhewitt.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif">I am off on vacation after today's show, so want to leave a useful post up top while Guy Benson sits in for me. Thus a post directing you to the campaigns that can use either or both your financial and volunteer help. The 14 Senate…

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  • The Obama Legacy: Decreasing Freedom

    by Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy By dint of legislative debacles at home and listless incoherence abroad, the Obama administration has decreased human freedom in every sphere it has entered. Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama presides over the most pronounced declination of individual freedom at home and abroad…

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