• What Reince Said

    Tuesday's interview with Reince Priebus generated the usual hand wringing on the left when campaign contribution limits come up. (The transcript of the interview is here.) The last vestige of the ill-fated post-Watergate attempt to control money in politics should fall like the dead tree it is sometime in the…

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  • The Defense Crisis

    The Wall Street Journal today opines on “Putin Invades, Obama Dismantles,” and it is afire follow up to my conversation yesterday with the Journal's Bret Stephens about Putin's aggression and the just leaked plans for the next round of cuts to our nuclear arsenal: Defense officials privately had said that…

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  • Jeb’s Biggest Problem With The Base

    Jeb’s Biggest Problem With The Base

    Most of the Monday buzz about Jeb Bush's speech on Sunday focused on the “act of love” phrase, one of those unfortunate clunkers of a line that –like Mitt Romney's “severely conservative” spanner of two years ago– makes a man wonder where all the speechwriters have gone. Marc Thiessen is…

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  • China’s Ambitions

    China’s Ambitions

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel got an earful yesterday from his Chinese hosts on the PRC's ambitions in the South China Sea. Hagel appeared at a joint press conference with General Chang Wanquan, Hagel's counterpart in the PRC, and got an earful according to the New York Times: The minister,…

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  • Afghans Voting By The Millions

    Afghans Voting By The Millions

    The threats by the Taliban did not stop millions of Afghans from voting for a post-Karzai government. As with every election in Iraq –the next one is April 30– the legacy of America's involvement in both countries grows more secure. President Obama has done little to assist Iraq in its…

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  • Spring Training for the GOP 2016 Field

    Spring Training for the GOP 2016 Field

    Interviews this week with Marco Rubio (audio and transcript here) and Bobby Jindal (audio and transcript here) sent a couple of messages about the 2016 campaign. First, candidates are going to have to be available for substantive interviews or will appear to be avoiding the hard questions that will be…

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  • Robert Kaplan’s “Asia’s Cauldron”

    Robert Kaplan’s “Asia’s Cauldron”

    Strategist Robert Kaplan joins me to survey the largely uncovered surge across the South China Sea by the PRC, detailed in his new and riveting book Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific. The GOP did not fight hard enough for defense spending over…

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