• Cantor v. Hensarling, Part 2

    The Washington Examiner's David Drucker, among the sharpest of Capitol Hill reporters, joined me Tuesday to discuss the maneuvering to succeed Speaker John Boehner, which I wrote about yesterday here. The transcript of my conversation with Drucker is here. The succession story within the House GOP is complicated and contains…

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  • Greg Gutfeld’s “Not Cool”

    Greg Gutfeld’s “Not Cool”

    Greg Gutfeld joins me on today's show to talk about his new book Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War On You. Gutfeld will be appearing at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda on Saturday, April 19 at 2 PM, but I'd promote the book even if he wasn't…

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  • A Metastatic Government

    When Hank Adler was in studio yesterday to talk about his new book (see below), he told me that his column today would be about the attempt by the IRS to enforce demands for overpayment of old Social Security benefits from third party descendants of the deceased who allegedly received…

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  • Cantor v. Hensarling for Speaker

    Cantor v. Hensarling for Speaker

    The weekend Wall Street Journal carried a small piece on a big brewing fight over the Ex-Im bank. I supported re-authorization of the Bank in the past and will again in the future. Ex-Im supports exports and exports build trade surpluses or at least keep down trade deficits. Far more…

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  • Three Books For Graduates

    Three Books For Graduates

    Got a graduate to buy for? High school, college or grad school? Look no further than these three books: 1. You Don't Have To Be Smart To Own A Smartphone by Hank Adler Buy this in bulk for every new job-seeker and new employee you know. They should be handed…

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  • Hillary As GHWB

    Hillary As GHWB

    My Monday Washington Examiner point makes the obvious point that Hillary is set up to succeed President Obama just as George H.W. Bush was to succeed Ronald reagan in 1988. Both are consummate Beltway insiders with vast networks of staffers and donors, highly developed “brands,” and extremely practiced public personas.…

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  • Waiting For Mr. Churchill

    Waiting For Mr. Churchill

    My friend Robert O'Brien was among Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy team, a senior official at the U.N. during the Bush years, and is managing partner of the Los Angeles office of the national law firm Arent Fox where he litigates complex commercial disputes and international disputes. You have heard…

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