• Chairman Gowdy And His Team

    The Select Committee on the Investigation of the Benghazi attacks could be announced by the time the show begins today, and most folks hope Trey Gowdy is indeed its Chair. As discussed here, the rest of the GOP membership should draw heavily on the experienced prosecutors and other sort of…

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  • Obamacare and Benghazi, at Powerline and NRO

    Obamacare and Benghazi, at Powerline and NRO

    Two must-reads from my pals at Powerline, and three from NRO. First, Scott Johnson is skeptical of George Will's hope that the Supreme Court will save us from Obamacare endless chewing up of the economy, American healthcare, and our politics. I reserve judgment until Hobby Lobby is handed down and…

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  • James Lankford for Senate

    James Lankford for Senate

    My Monday Washington Examiner column explains why I am supporting Congressman James Lankford in the GOP primary for the Senate seat being vacated by the retirement of Senator Tom Coburn. You can help Lankford by contributing online here. Follow him on Twitter @JamesLankford.

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  • For A Serious, Purpose-Driven Select Committee

    For A Serious, Purpose-Driven Select Committee

    When Speaker Boehner finally announced that the murder of four Americans on a 9/11 anniversary warranted an investigation by a Select Committee of the House of Representatives it was only after undeniable evidence of a cover-up emerged –in the form of a long covered-up White House email from within 72…

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  • Benghazi and the “Blue Collar Conservative”

    The transcript of my conversation with CNN's Jake Tapper about Jay Carney's “obfuscation” is here, and that of press secretaries past and present with Mark Steyn is here. I'll be talking Benghazi with former United States Senator and once (and future?) presidential candidate Rick Santorum tonight at 7 at the…

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  • The Armed Services YMCA

    The Armed Services YMCA

    The month of May ends with Memorial Day but I use the month to salute and celebrate all the various organizations serving the men and women in the military. Today Captain Mike Landers (USNA Ret) and General Don Infante (MG USA Ret) join me to talk about the Armed Services…

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  • Political Lawfare And The 2014 Elections

    With a wave of the pen –actually, 90 pages of waving– U.S. Federal District Judge Lynne Adleman in Milwaukee struck down Wisconsin's three year old voter identification law on Tuesday. As The Atlantic's Andrew Cohen noted yesterday “[i]t is far from certain that the ruling will withstand review by the…

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