• Political Lawfare And The 2014 Elections

    With a wave of the pen –actually, 90 pages of waving– U.S. Federal District Judge Lynne Adleman in Milwaukee struck down Wisconsin's three year old voter identification law on Tuesday. As The Atlantic's Andrew Cohen noted yesterday “[i]t is far from certain that the ruling will withstand review by the…

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  • The GOP And The Manhattan-Beltway Press

    A few years back, Darrell Issa decided it would be a good idea to let The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza have complete access to him for the purposes of a portrait for The New Yorker. A young press aide, Kurt Bardella, made this call and sold Issa on the strategy.…

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  • BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins On Hillary And Paul Ryan

    HH: I begin today with McKay Coppins of BuzzFeed. McKay has a new article on Paul Ryan – “Paul Ryan's Inner City Education.” And it's a terrific piece worth reading, I'm going to argue about some parts of it, but I linked it over at Hughhewitt.com. McKay, welcome, great to…

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  • Paul Ryan And The GOP Bench

    Interesting Buzzfeed profile of Paul Ryan by McKay Coppins, with a walk-on role by Mike Pence. I'll have McKay on today to discuss it. Probably not Chairman Ryan however, who seems increasingly estranged from talk radio. Coppins didn't mention that the program Ryan was on when he sparkled some controversy…

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  • The Best Draft Guide

    The Best Draft Guide

    The season of the NFL Draft is in full swing. You'll need a scorecard to figure out who is who and the skinny on those your club picks up (or pretends to want to draft.) CBSSports.com' Dane Bruglar had by far the best prediction record in the draft last year,…

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  • “Why Not An Open Convention?”

    “Why Not An Open Convention?”

    That's the title of my article in the new Weekly Standard. Far-fetched, perhaps, but Mitt Romney could help the prospect along, and the reasons to consider such a prospect for a year like 2016 are many. One that I don't mention in the piece is the advantage of denying Team…

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