• A Great Night for the GOP (and Cleveland)

    With wins yesterday by Senator McConnell, Congressman Kingston and Dr. Wehby in Kentucky, Georgia and Oregon respectively, the GOP appears to to have run almost the entire national gauntlet of Senate contests without giving Democrats and the MSM a candidate to use as a cudgel on the entire field as…

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  • “Today’s Kentucky Primary” By Clark S. Judge

    Today's Kentucky Primary By Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute Today, Tuesday, May 20th, Kentucky Republicans go to the polls to decide whether to nominate Senator Mitch McConnell for another term. Why is this even a question? The simple, essential fact is…

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  • Jack Kingston for Georgia

    Below my friend and contributor Clark Judge makes the obvious case for Mitch McConnell's renomination by the Kentucky GOP for the United States Senate McConnell should be leading in January if current polling holds steady between now and November. (There are many good reasons to believe it will get even…

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  • Vice President and Mrs. Cheney on Presidents Madison…and Obama

    A fascinating two hour conversation Monday with former Vice President Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney, mostly about her wonderful new book, James Madison: A Life Reconsidered, a conversation which also covered many other subjects. For your listening pleasure: Audio: 05-19hhs-cheney-1 05-19hhs-cheney-2 Transcript: HH: Special show today. In studio with me,…

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  • James Madison: A Life Reconsidered by Lynne Cheney

    James Madison: A Life Reconsidered by Lynne Cheney

    James Madison gets a much deserved, detailed and very appreciative biography from Lynne Cheney, a gifted writer and of course a first person observer of the institutions Madison helped craft. Her new James Madison: A Life Reconsidered surprised me with new facts and perspectives I had never previously considered and…

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  • Karl Rove: Unplugged and Unbowed

    Karl Rove: Unplugged and Unbowed

    The Architect joined me in the first hour of Friday's show. We covered the Hillary flap, the Jarrett-Boehner immigration “deal,” the case for Kashkari in California and the prospects for all the key GOP governors' races and the Senate map. And, of course, Benghazi. Audio: 05-16hhs-rove Transcript: HH: As we…

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  • @IsOhioBetterOff


    The Cleveland Plain Dealer continues its in-depth series on Ohio Governor John Kasich with part four of five today. Today is the deep dive on Kasich's first term as governor; tomorrow a look at his presidential prospects. A new Twitter account is open @IsOhioBetterOff that suggests a nice contrast for…

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