• Liberty Island’s Crowd Funding Project

    Liberty Island’s Crowd Funding Project

    On Thursday's show Adam Bellow described how Liberty Island was in the business of supporting great conservative fiction and a growing conservative culture. It is a terrific project and deserves support. To help Liberty Island launch even more effectively, a crowd funding campaign is underway at Pubslush. Throw a few…

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  • Israel and Hamas, And A Visit From Daniel Silva

    Israel and Hamas, And A Visit From Daniel Silva

    “[N]o government of any country can tolerate the kind of attacks on its civilians that Hamas is undertaking with its missile barrage,” writes Jonathan Tobin in Commentary Magazine. He is of course correct and that is the crucial understanding of what will happen today and in the3 days ahead in…

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  • ISIS and Jordan

    Most eyes are watching Israel's escalating battle with Hamas. The same or more attention should be paid on the ISIS assault on Jordan. The New York Times has it figured it, as does John Ford writing in The Daily Caller. The president seems committed to ignoring the growing threat from…

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  • Does The GOP Lack Ideas, Or Communicators?

    My Monday Washington Examiner column plays off of Sam Tanenhaus' article in the New York Times Magazine Sunday: “Can the GOP Be A Party of Ideas?” I spent most of an hour on Thursday's program chatting with Tanenhaus about the piece, and the transcript of that interview is here. The…

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  • For the 4th: A Conversation With Louie Zamperini

    For the 4th: A Conversation With Louie Zamperini

    Louie Zamperini died yesterday. He was an extraordinary man, an American hero, and a terrific interview. Powerline's Scott Johnson writes about what it is like to have interviews Mr. Zamperini. He came by my studio for a chat on September 15, 2010 not long after Unbroken hit #1 on all…

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  • “The Fit Kids Revolution”

    “The Fit Kids Revolution”

    Dr. Patricia Reba is one of my favorite people in southern California where for years she has run the Dr. Riba's Health Club, serving children of the poorest parts of Orange County and working especially with kids struggling with chronic obesity. Her Dr. Riba's Health Club is locally famous, and…

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  • Obama: Bordering On Disaster

    By Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy Since the 1648 Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years' War, the conception of “Westphalian sovereignty” has been understood to mean that individual nation states control the sovereignty of their borders, without meddling by neighbor states, and that separate states stand on some degree…

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