Tucson’s New Paid Chavez Holiday

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Last night I ran over a jaw shattering pothole, for about the 7th time east of the CVS Pharmacy at Grant and Rosemont. Shortly thereafter I heard the democrat controlled Tucson City Council had just added an eleventh paid holiday for municipal employees on a 7-0 vote honoring Cesar Chavez.

I came of age in the 60’s when Chavez led a labor and human rights movement. Chavez was a great man and well deserving of honor here in Southern Arizona… but not another paid holiday for city employees.

The holiday is a $500,000 per year leftist indulgence to “show Tucson is a great city” and comes at a time when the country’s sixth poorest city is struggling with a $32 million deficit . Although the city manager says “staff found a way to work the numbers.” I wonder if Chavez would have been pleased to learn policeman and fire fighters (all union members) will likely be furloughed in his honor.

Renaming a street downtown in honor of Chavez would have been appropriate. It certainly would not have cost half a million per year — FOREVER.

Tucson, under democrat domination, has become an incorrigible liberal petri dish built on social justice, but unfortunately not common sense.

(Picture provided by: Cesar_chavez.jpg: Joel Levine)

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    Bruce Ash
  • Bruce Ash is Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman. Bruce is a very influential voice in GOP politics on the national, state, and local level.

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