Obama Joblessness

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Soon after the president left for his own extravagant Hawaiian Christmas vacation he suddenly realized federal long term  unemployment benefits were going to expire and he demanded (as he usually does) that congress act immediately to extend the program at a reported cost of of nearly $20 billion per year.

Never mind that congress just passed and the president signed a “compromise” budget bill the week before which specifically excluded an extension of benefits. The senate is expected to take up the matter shortly and the republican house is willing to have a discussion so long as there is a way to pay for the program.

Liberal groups such as the national employment law project say that extending long term unemployment benefits would “help keep the economic engine turning.” What a load of mularky. Extending unemployment benefits only takes pressure off the president for his miserable efforts to reduce joblessness and helps create a larger permanent dependent class in America.

The president would be wise to finally consider free market principles to create new American jobs and loosen the federal grip on our economy which he has created.

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    Bruce Ash
  • Bruce Ash is Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman. Bruce is a very influential voice in GOP politics on the national, state, and local level.

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