Credit to Justice Sotomayor

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Credit to supreme court justice sonia sotomayor.

She granted a new year’s eve emergency injunction protecting colorado’s little sister’s of the poor from obamacare birth control mandates

The sisters run a nursing home and hospice in colorado. They sought relief from a 10th district court of appeals decision because they believe the obamacare form they were being forced to sign supposedly exempting them from the government’s mandate to provide birth control and abortion services in their name violated their religious beliefs and abridged first amendment rights.

The sisters bravely challenged the president on his “war against religiously devout women” as the wall street journal described it…… And won.

As unlikley as a new year’s eve acceptance of an emergency injunction was to be approved by justice sotomayor it was even more surprising that the entire supreme court agreed with her and the sisters when –without dissent –the court ordered a permanent stay against the government on january 24th.

The supreme court’s order prevents the president from imposing fines on any not for profit which declares a religious identity and objects to the mandate..

What a shame when public policy has come to the point where devout believers face the choice of obeying the government or their conscience.

The real shame is why the little sisters of the poor became so inconvenient for Barack Obama

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