Cajero Bedford v. Gallardo

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It’s amazing that Tucson Democrat State Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford could tell fellow Democrat Senator Steve Gallardo he “should act more gay” and as a reward get an endorsement from her leftist ally Raul Grijalva.
Yup that’s right.
Gallardo, a candidate for the U.S. House “came out” last month in an emotional Phoenix TV interview. A Catholic, Gallardo said that “you don’t use the word ‘gay’ and you don’t bring up the discussion at Nana’s house on Sunday.” He also declared, “I’m gay. I’m Latino. I’m a senator . And it’s OK.”
I applaud his courage.
Rather than being contrite…  Ms. Cajero Bedford later defended her comments as meant to be “humorous” and further criticized Gallardo for his lack of honesty in the past.
Can you imagine if a Republican office holder spoke in such a despicable fashion and then tried to defend comments by an additional rebuke? This makes Grijalva’s endorsement of Cajero Bedford even more outrageous. The controversy also reveals the  long standing splits within the Democrat Party . Her primary opponent is a member of a family long opposed to Grijalva.
Grijalva and Cajero Bedford are divisive figures. She claims to have “good rapport with her constituents” and “is mystified why someone would run against her.” Well, at least the Democrats have ONE primary somewhere instead of their now standardized coronations.
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