• The Left May Well Get Trump Nominated

    This past Friday, a left-wing mob shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago. Most Americans viewing what happened saw it for what it was — another left-wing assault on the speech of those with whom they differ and on traditional American civility. Not surprisingly, the media reporting has concentrated…

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  • Mark Pryor – Rebecca Costa

    Mark Pryor – Rebecca Costa

    Mark Pryor is a former Senator and Attorney General from Arkansas. Pryor was recognized for providing a high level of constituent service, and helped to secure millions of dollars in highway funds for the state. He also guided the SACRIFICE Act to passage, providing families of those injured in combat…

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  • Could Anyone Replace Trump?

    Could Anyone Replace Trump?

    A quick thought experiment reveals the real nature of the movement Donald Trump has inspired. Imagine that Mr. Trump, who turns 70 in June, suffered a sudden health crisis and became incapacitated. Could anyone possibly replace him as head of his movement–advancing his ideals and programs to “make America great…

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  • Bill and Elayne Bennett Remember Nancy Reagan

    As mentioned on the show this morning, Bill's and Elayne's comments in The Washington Post in rememberance of Nancy Reagan: Brought to you by

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  • Misdirected Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Misdirected Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Surging populist campaigns by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have convinced many observers that 2016 represents a “year of anger” but no one can agree on what, exactly, the American electorate is supposed to be so angry about. On the right, activists say people are furious because Barack Obama has…

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  • Dana Milbank – Rebecca Costa

    Dana Milbank – Rebecca Costa

    Dana Milbank is an award-winning political columnist for The Washington Post. Before joining the Post as a political writer, he covered the 2000 US Presidential election, 2004 US Presidential election, as well as the Clinton White House for The New Republic, and Congress for The Wall Street Journal. He has…

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