• Complainers vs. Planners

    Complainers vs. Planners

    In the wake of the Republican presidential debate, the Wall Street Journal observed that GOP candidates are now trying to win support as either “fighters” or “statesmen.” The fighters concentrate on battling against forces that they fear and resent, while the statesmen promise to build consensus for a reform agenda.…

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  • Immutability

    That same sex marriage violates Christian moral/ethical standards is well established and well discussed. But the unchristian nature of this now national institution is much deeper than even basic morality. Consider the Obergefell decision. The decision is based largely on the “immutability” of homosexual desire. Page 4 of the majority…

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  • Score Card from the Big Debates

    Score Card from the Big Debates

    All Republicans should feel relieved, if not jubilant. Lots of winners who helped themselves, and no disastrous losers. Major gains for Marco Rubio who was lucid, passionate, self-assured, Kennedyesque – cementing his status as everyone's second choice, which may win him the nomination, ultimately. John Kasich also moved his campaign…

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  • Off To D.C. For “Meet The Press” Sunday

    Off To D.C. For “Meet The Press” Sunday

    Great weekend to be joining Chuck Todd and the panel on Meet the Press. My opinions on the debate may gel or evolve on reading a full day of commentary en route from west coast to east, but I scored both debates as one, and expect Carly Fiorina to be…

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  • Chuck Todd, Some Lincoln and A Lot Of Levin

    Chuck Todd, Some Lincoln and A Lot Of Levin

    Friday's show begins with a quick recap of Thursday's debates –Carly Fiorina won the day, and Senator Rubio and Governors Chirstie, Kasich and Walker won the second debate, with Ted Cruz helping himself almost as much and the rest left looking forward to the next round in Simi Valley at…

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  • Post-Debates Analysis With Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina joined me on the Salem Media Group post-election debate special: Audio:08-06hhs-carly Transcript: HH: I begin with one of the key participants, and perhaps the overall winner of the day, Carly Fiorina, who dominated the first debate, won by showing up via video in the second debate, and not…

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  • Post-Debates Analysis With Dr. Ben Carson

    Dr. Ben Carson joined me for post-debate analysis past midnight Cleveland time: Audio: 08-06hhs-carson transcript: HH: If you are a track and field fan of the Olympics, you know what it means to have a kick. That means to save your best for last. Tonight, many people on Twitter and…

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