• Jeff Bingaman – Rebecca Costa

    Jeff Bingaman – Rebecca Costa

    Jesse “Jeff” Bingaman, Jr. is a former United States Senator from New Mexico. As a member of the Democratic Party has served as Chairman of Committee Outreach for the Senate Democratic Caucus. Bingaman was elected Attorney General of New Mexico in 1978, and in 1982 was elected to the United…

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  • Some advice for the candidates

    My last bit of ghost-writing for a candidate was in 2012, and though my career as a secret scribbler stretches back to Richard Nixon's The Real War in 1980, I'm pledged to neutrality this year until the GOP has a nominee. Then I'd be pleased, for free, to work on…

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  • Get ready for a long slog to the GOP nomination

    When then Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed potential future president and key Revolutionary figure Alexander Hamilton in a duel, the careers of both men were over. Now another “big guy” New Yorker — as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush referred to Donald Trump on Sunday's “Meet the Press”…

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  • Misplaced Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Misplaced Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Surging populist campaigns by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have convinced many observers that 2016 represents a “year of anger” but no one can agree on what, exactly, the American electorate is supposed to be so angry about. On the right, activists say people are furious because Barack Obama has…

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  • Why I’m putting away my political crystal ball

    Prognostications are part of a political pundit's job description. If you bat a Ted Williams-level .400 over your career that's commentator Hall of Fame stuff. But mostly we all get most of the calls wrong. There are just too many moving parts in politics, including even the weather, as when…

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  • Follow W’s lead, Mr. President

    The New York Times' Saturday story on the details of Wednesday's terrorist attack contained a remarkable paragraph buried deep in the report: In a Dallas suburb, about a dozen protesters congregated outside the Islamic Center of Irving last month, some covering their faces with bandannas and carrying hunting rifles, tactical…

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