• Hamas Chief Asks: Gaza, Holocaust, What’s The Difference?

    In several interviews with a variety of international news agencies, the political chieftain of the Hamas terror organization accused Israel of perpetrating “the real Holocaust” in Gaza, charging the Jewish state with “genocide” and comparing Netanyahu to Hitler. Most sane, fair-minded people instinctively recognize the absurdity of those charges but…

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  • Open Up That Golden Gate

    Open Up That Golden Gate

    Republican candidates have lost the popular vote for president in five of the past six elections, going back to 1992. In each of those contests, the Democratic nominee swept California, mostly by blowout margins; Barack Obama, for instance, crushed Mitt Romney and won the state's 55 electoral votes with a…

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  • What One Romney Interview Wrought

    GOP 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney joined me on air Tuesday –the complete audio and transcript of the interview are here– and our brief conversation unleashed an avalanche of commentary. Here's a sample: Mediaite: Commentary Magazine: New Yorker: Politico: USA Today: MSNBC:…

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