• Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Iowa and 2016

    Off to D.C. and broadcasting tonight from the Heritage Foundation studios, where I will be setting discussing Rep. Steve King's Iowa Freedom Summit and the turmoil in Yemen and transition in Saudi Arabia with, among others, Meet The Press' Chuck Todd and National Review's Eliana Johnson. (Eliana had the scoop…

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  • Rand Paul and His Papa Problem

    Rand Paul and His Papa Problem

    Why should the pathetic ravings of a 79-year-old retired Congressman from the far political fringe help to determine the outcome of the upcoming race for the GOP Presidential nomination? Because the recent outbursts of former-Representative Ron Paul (Libertarian-Mars) place his son, Senator Rand Paul, in an all-but-untenable position that could…

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  • “Sniper” Hits the Target

    “Sniper” Hits the Target

    The record-breaking success of Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER has shocked the Hollywood establishment and produced angry denunciations from Tinseltown leftists. SNIPER earned more than $100,000,000 its first weekend in wide release—the strongest opening for any war movie, ever. It also counted as the top January opening in history—easily beating AVATAR,…

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  • Poll Gives Edge to GOP Mainstream

    Poll Gives Edge to GOP Mainstream

    According to conventional wisdom, strident activists will dominate the Republican primaries, but a new poll suggests otherwise. A CBS news survey asked self-identified Republicans whether or not they wanted to see various candidates run for president. A plurality of GOP voters had negative responses to the candidacy of many candidates…

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  • RNC Chair Reince Priebus On The 2016 Debates

    RNC Chair Reince Priebus opened my Martin Luther King Day program talking about the new debate schedule and format for the 2016 GOP primaries. Audio: 01-19hhs-priebus Transcript: HH: I begin today's program with the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus. Mr. Chairman, happy MLK day to you. RP:…

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  • A SOTU Over Before It Is Begun

    When George W. Bush and the GOP got “thumped” over the conduct of the war in Iraq in November 2006, 43 responded to the will of the people, made changes, announced the Surge, and graciously welcomed Nancy Pelosi as the first woman Speaker at the start of his 2007 State…

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