• Ted Cruz and the “Birther” Obsession

    Ted Cruz and the “Birther” Obsession

    If Senator Ted Cruz makes the decision to run for president, there should be no doubt that he's eligible for the office – despite renewed criticism of his dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada. Cruz was born in Calgary, and his Cuban-born father didn't become a US citizen until…

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  • All “Duty” All Day

    Today's show will focus almost exclusively on former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' new book Duty. The line up of guests already includes Robert C. O'Brien and Eli Lake and will grow throughout the day. Scroll down to read why I think it will be the duty of serious Americans…

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  • The Boeing Deal and Common Sense

    The Boeing Deal and Common Sense

    A major labor union delivered a rare victory for common sense that points the way for more rational behavior by our political leaders. The International Association of Machinists had overwhelmingly rejected a Boeing contract to produce the new 777X in the Seattle area, and when the company came back with…

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  • Obama Joblessness

    icon Bruce Ash

    Soon after the president left for his own extravagant Hawaiian Christmas vacation he suddenly realized federal long term  unemployment benefits were going to expire and he demanded (as he usually does) that congress act immediately to extend the program at a reported cost of of nearly $20 billion per year.…

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  • NOT “The Happiest Life”

    This Mediaite story is most definitely NOT what I had in mind or write about in The Happiest Life. Many thanks to The Great One for his kind words about the book and me on yesterday's show. On to another day of Arctic Polar Vortex book promotion.

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  • The Future of MSNBC

    Eliana Johnson is among the best and the brightest of conservatism's next generation of reporter-writers, and her look inside MSNBC from today's NRO is fascinating. Is the bell tolling for Rachel Maddow et al? Ratings aren't great anywhere in tableland, but are particularly bad at MSNBC which: is experiencing a…

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