• Wars and Rumors of War

    If you are headed to the mall today to make returns and use the gift cards before you misplace them, and you are stopping by a Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or any of the independents, be sure to read this New York Times' essay by Michiko Kakutani on the long…

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  • John Ross – Rebecca Costa

    John Ross – Rebecca Costa

    John F. Ross is an award winning author and active adventurer. He was formerly the editor of American Heritage and Invention & Technology magazines as well as having served on the Board of Editors of Smithsonian Magazine where he wrote four cover stories. Ross has traveled on assignment all over…

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  • “Race And The Race”

    Politico's Katie Gluecjk and Tarini Parti anticipate a lot of the coverage of the GOP's 2016 field with an early focus on the diverse backgrounds of the GOP field. This storyline has been hiding in plain sight for a long while, but when Jeb Bush started the race in motion…

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  • Governor Rick Perry On 2016 –And Johnny Football

    Texas Governor Rick Perry joined me in hour three of my show Tuesday to discuss the end of his 14-year run in the Austin statehouse –and perhaps the start of his 2016 campaign– with a side of Johnny Football thrown in: Audio: 12-23hhs-perry Transcript: HH: So pleased to welcome back…

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  • Cause And Effect

    “It's quite apparent, quite obvious that the targeting of these two police officers was a direct spinoff of this issue of these demonstrations.” No commentator made this charge. It didn't come from the head of the police union in New York. That's NYPD Commission Bill Bratton, talking on Monday's Today…

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  • The Worst Sin

    The Ten Commandments is the most morally influential piece of legislation ever written. To give a good idea of how relevant each of the ten is, take the third commandment, one of the two most misunderstood commandments (the other is “Do not Murder,” which I explained previously). Is there such…

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  • Latin Tuesday

    Today's Latin Tuesday lesson courtesy of David Wilezol: Luke, Chapter 2, v. 10-11. From St. Jerome's Vulgate translation of the Bible in the 4th century A.D. et dixit illis angelus: nolite timere, ecce enim evangelizo vobis gaudium magnum quod erit omni populo quia natus est vobis hodie salvator qui est…

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  • GOP Imperative: Rehabilitate “The M-Word”

    GOP Imperative: Rehabilitate “The M-Word”

    An angry caller to my radio show recently tried to discredit me by invoking the dreaded M-word. “You're a moderate!” he growled. “And moderates are killing the Republican Party!” Actually, if the high-riding GOP does face a serious threat at the moment it's coming not from the moderates, but from…

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  • Lesson From Santa: Reward The Nice, Not The Naughty

    Lesson From Santa: Reward The Nice, Not The Naughty

    In this festive season of the year, our leaders should learn from its most visible figure and resolve to reward the nice and punish the naughty. Unfortunately, the Obama administration seems perversely determined to do precisely the opposite in both foreign and domestic policy and to violate what ought to…

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