• Vice President Cheney On ISIS and POTUS

    Former Vice President Cheney was my guest today, with most of the conversation focused on ISIS and POTUS, and some on 2016. The audio: 08-12hhs-cheney The transcript: HH: Pleased to begin today's show with the former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Mr. Vice President, welcome back, it's…

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  • The Crisis In Iraq

    The Crisis In Iraq

    Now it looks like Maliki is launching a coup even as ISIS takes another town –Jalawla– and the Kurds recapture some territory and the refugees remain trapped on the mountain. The president is on Martha's Vineyard, managing the crises:

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  • Obamacare And Two Governors Races

    The stunning repudiation of Obama-backed incumbent Governor Abercrombie and the certain-to-be-prolonged end-game in the razor-thin Democratic Senate primary show the weakness of the president in his own party in his home state. The message from Hawaii to Democrats across the country is run as far and as fast from the…

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    Dan Barker, co-president of The Freedom from Religion Foundation, believes the Bible is a worse guide for human behavior than Hitler's “Mein Kampf.” He took that position on my radio show, when asked about a new effort by a conservative Congressman to give Bibles to all his colleagues as a…

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  • Mayor Smith Calls The Show

    This morning I wrote about the Arizona governor's race for the Washington Examiner. Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey is leading the race and I –and pretty much every other conservative in America– has endorsed him. In either second or third place is former Mesa mayor Scott Smith, who in 2009…

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