• The 14 Plus 3

    The 14 Plus 3

    <img width="150" title="More..." alt="" src="">I am off on vacation after today's show, so want to leave a useful post up top while Guy Benson sits in for me. Thus a post directing you to the campaigns that can use either or both your financial and volunteer help. The 14 Senate…

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  • Another Demonstration of Losertarian Irrelevance

    Another Demonstration of Losertarian Irrelevance

    Last Tuesday's Republican victory in the fiercely-fought special election in Florida's 13th Congressional District produced more relief than jubilation as the GOP barely managed to secure a seat the party had controlled for more than four decades. To win the contest, newly-elected conservative David Jolly had to overcome both a…

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  • Noah: One of the Most Moral Stories Ever Told

    Next week, the film “Noah” opens. Having taught the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) from the Hebrew for more than 40 years (hundreds of hours are available by download through my website), I consider the biblical flood story one of the world's most profound moral teachings. As I will…

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  • The Obama Legacy: Decreasing Freedom

    by Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy By dint of legislative debacles at home and listless incoherence abroad, the Obama administration has decreased human freedom in every sphere it has entered. Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama presides over the most pronounced declination of individual freedom at home and abroad…

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