• Bobby Franklin – Rebecca Costa

    Bobby Franklin – Rebecca Costa

    In September 2013, Bobby Franklin assumed the position of President and CEO of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). In his role, Franklin leads and oversees the strategic direction of the nearly 400 member strong association on behalf of U.S. venture capitalists and the startup ecosystem. Prior to leading NVCA,…

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    If some future president honestly wants to fix dysfunctional government, then the repair process must begin at home: with radical restructuring of his own White House staff. According to a report to Congress, the White House now employs 456 people, earning an average salary of more than $80,000 a year,…

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  • Israel and Hamas, And A Visit From Daniel Silva

    Israel and Hamas, And A Visit From Daniel Silva

    “[N]o government of any country can tolerate the kind of attacks on its civilians that Hamas is undertaking with its missile barrage,” writes Jonathan Tobin in Commentary Magazine. He is of course correct and that is the crucial understanding of what will happen today and in the3 days ahead in…

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  • America Won’t Be Good without God

    On page 563 of his latest biography — John Quincy Adams: American Visionary — author Fred Kaplan (biographer of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Gore Vidal among others) cites this insight of the sixth president: Christianity had, all in all, he believed, been a civilizing force, “checking and…

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  • ISIS and Jordan

    Most eyes are watching Israel's escalating battle with Hamas. The same or more attention should be paid on the ISIS assault on Jordan. The New York Times has it figured it, as does John Ford writing in The Daily Caller. The president seems committed to ignoring the growing threat from…

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  • Does The GOP Lack Ideas, Or Communicators?

    My Monday Washington Examiner column plays off of Sam Tanenhaus' article in the New York Times Magazine Sunday: “Can the GOP Be A Party of Ideas?” I spent most of an hour on Thursday's program chatting with Tanenhaus about the piece, and the transcript of that interview is here. The…

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