• GOTV: The Latest “Reince Reform”

    As I have discussed with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal and even Reince Priebus himself this week (and will do so today with Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson –it is Wisconsin week, with Walker, Johnson, Ryan and Priebus all being Badgers) RNC Chair Priebus and the Committee…

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  • Mitt Romney On 2016

    2012 GOP nominee Governor Mitt Romney opened the show with me today. We had an extensive discussion about whether or not he would ever be a candidate for the presidency. Judge for yourself whether he opened the door a bit or slammed it shut: The audio: 08-26hhs-romney The transcript: HH:…

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  • Yes, Police Are the Good Guys

    Yes, Police Are the Good Guys

    If an American institution inspires public confidence through conspicuous, consistent progress over the course of many years, why seek to change or challenge its direction? That's the question for politicians and activists who denounce alleged “militarization” of local police departments despite their recent achievements in slashing rates of violent crime.…

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  • On the Death of My Father

    My father, Max Prager, died last week. Here are some thoughts on the death of a parent. 1. Longevity Parents who live long are very lucky. Not only for their longevity, and not only because they get to see their children grow into adulthood, and not only because they may…

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  • Rand Paul’s Losing Bet

    On “Police Militarization”: Bad Policy, Worse Politics Rand Paul's criticism of the “militarization” of local police departments may represent a sincere initiative by one of the Senate's more thoughtful members but it also amounts to bad policy and worse politics. As with his calls for defense cuts and a pullback…

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  • Ducey Surges In Arizona, Brnovich Pulls Ahead

    Ducey Surges In Arizona, Brnovich Pulls Ahead

    The latest poll from the Republican primary for the Arizona state house has State Treasurer Doug Ducey establishing a double digit his closest opponent and building on that lead heading into Tuesday's primary. The same poll shows challenger Mark Brnovich establishing a small lead over the ethically challenged incumbent attorney…

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