• Tuesday’s Last Chance Vote

    Tuesday’s Last Chance Vote

    Byron York reports that Michelle Nunn's numbers are falling and have been falling since mid-October, that Republican David Perdue is ahead and gaining ground. Either Perdue will win outright Tuesday or in a January run-off. So will Republican Bill; Cassidy win, but almost certainly in a December run-off. Mary Landrieu…

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  • Liberation From Loony Libertarians

    If Republicans fall short of taking control of the US Senate in next week's elections, oddball activists behind quixotic third party campaigns will deserve part of the blame (or credit, if you're a liberal). At least voters in Oregon will be able to cast ballot for a worthwhile reform to…

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  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

    No, not the Tampa Bay Bucs, though that happened as well. For Democrats, especially Senate Democrats, for reason's outlined in in my Washington Examiner column. Guy Benson joins me in studio for our election eve broadcast Monday, and will be co-hosting our Salem Radio Network with me election night coverage…

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  • “Washington Braces for Democrat Defeat” by Clark S. Judge

    The weekly column from Clark Judge: Washington Braces for Democrat Defeat By Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute Though Real Clear Politics' race-by-race report on the average of polls is only just now beginning to reflect it, for several days the Washington…

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  • Christine Todd Whitman – Rebecca Costa

    Christine Todd Whitman – Rebecca Costa

    Christine Todd Whitman is an American politician and author who served as the 50th Governor of New Jersey from 1994 to 2001 and was the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bush administration from 2001 to 2003. Whitman is first, and up to this point, the only female…

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  • Congrats! GOP Has Already Won

    With at least a dozen exceedingly close contests in every part of the country, no one knows for certain who will control the US Senate after November 4th. But in the more significant, long-term contest for national dominance it's safe to declare that the GOP has already won a significant…

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  • Just How Inept Is The Obama Foreign Policy Team?

    After starting a new foreign policy meltdown by calling Israel's Prime Minister “chicken____” five days before elections in which competence in matters of national security is center stage, someone at the White House must have appealed to The New York Times for urgent assistance, and the paper responded with this…

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    Conservative outside groups have launched surprising ads for a Libertarian nominee in North Carolina's tight Senate race—with the Republican Thom Tillis challenging incumbent Kay Hagan. “More Weed, Less War,” say new commercials for pizza delivery man Sean Haugh, who favors legalized marijuana and big defense cuts. According to the conservative…

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