• Afghans Voting By The Millions

    Afghans Voting By The Millions

    The threats by the Taliban did not stop millions of Afghans from voting for a post-Karzai government. As with every election in Iraq –the next one is April 30– the legacy of America's involvement in both countries grows more secure. President Obama has done little to assist Iraq in its…

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  • Cajero Bedford v. Gallardo

    icon Bruce Ash

    It's amazing that Tucson Democrat State Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford could tell fellow Democrat Senator Steve Gallardo he "should act more gay" and as a reward get an endorsement from her leftist ally Raul Grijalva. Yup that's right. Gallardo, a candidate for the U.S. House "came out" last month in…

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  • Spring Training for the GOP 2016 Field

    Spring Training for the GOP 2016 Field

    Interviews this week with Marco Rubio (audio and transcript here) and Bobby Jindal (audio and transcript here) sent a couple of messages about the 2016 campaign. First, candidates are going to have to be available for substantive interviews or will appear to be avoiding the hard questions that will be…

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  • Robert Kaplan’s “Asia’s Cauldron”

    Robert Kaplan’s “Asia’s Cauldron”

    Strategist Robert Kaplan joins me to survey the largely uncovered surge across the South China Sea by the PRC, detailed in his new and riveting book Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific. The GOP did not fight hard enough for defense spending over…

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  • How To Cover Breaking News

    Yesterday's murders and rampage began just as my national radio show was beginning. The first segment with Senator Marco Rubio –itself a newsmaker– was wrapping up as first reports of an “active shooter at Ft. Hood” appeared on Twitter. The second segment, about DOD's budget with Robert O'Brien of Arent…

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  • In Jeb vs. Hillary, It’s Obvious Who’s the Fresh Face

    In Jeb vs. Hillary, It’s Obvious Who’s the Fresh Face

    Looking toward the next presidential race, many commentators groan at the prospect of a tiresome dynastic war between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush. Conventional wisdom sees both candidates as too shopworn to inspire enthusiasm, but Jeb Bush is hardly as familiar a celebrity as Secretary Clinton. He's never…

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  • Thank the Godless

    In trying to explain two consecutive presidential defeats, some Republican commentators blame Christian evangelicals for the perceived decline in their political participation. But 2012 exit polls showed 26% of all voters identifying as “White Evangelical/Born-Again Christians” – a significant increase from the 23 percent who described themselves that way in…

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