• Dems Pit Needy Against Deserving-Damaging Both

    As the president's flailing, failing campaign on behalf of beleaguered Congressional Democrats coughs, wheezes and stumbles its way toward decision day, he increasingly reverts to a tired theme that has inspired scant enthusiasm from the voting public. “America needs a raise!” the chief executive thunders, suggesting that his fanciful proposal…

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  • Kobani, Kay Hagan, Ben Bradlee and Marty Baron

    Kobani, Kay Hagan, Ben Bradlee and Marty Baron

    First, here's the transcript for my two hour interview with Matk Steyn from Monday's show. Thanks to Duane for posting it so quickly. Next, read this key piece from the Wall Street Journal on the battle for Kobani by By Adam Entous, Joe Parkinson and Julian E. Barnes. It is…

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  • God (And The Catholics) At Harvard

    God (And The Catholics) At Harvard

    There has been a Catholic ministry at Harvard College since 1893, and now you can see how it works via Since 1895 it has been headquartered at St. Paul's Catholic Church across from the Yard in the center of Cambridge, and the pastor of St. Paul's and chief Catholic…

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  • The Media Are Much Scarier than Ebola

    Why do some things scare people more than others? One reason is that people engage in a rational assessment of risk and conclude the appropriate level of fear. For example, people feel free to walk alone at midnight in Times Square but not in Central Park because they have made…

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  • Apple’s Profits and the GOP’s Polls

    The transcript of yesterday's interview with Mark Steyn about his new book The [Un]documented Mark Steyn will be posted here ay my “Transcripts Page” later today. Apple yesterday blew past the expectations that analysts had already put pretty high up on the board for the company, and so it will…

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    Though most of the country celebrated Columbus Day on Monday, October, 13th, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities refused to honor the explorer and proclaimed a new festival called “Indigenous Peoples Day.” The activists behind the change blame Columbus because his discovery of the New World led to devastating results for…

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