• In. Case. You. Missed. It.

    Humorist, Minneapolis Star-Tribune and National Review columnist, James Lileks, and Hugh did their best to digest the initial offering, the Author's Notes, from Hillary Clinton's memoir, Hard Choices, read in her own voice. 05-27hhs-lileks

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  • Guiltless

    I read something deeply disturbing this weekend. Some of you may be familiar with Emily Letts (the woman who videotaped her abortion). She was interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine about why she filmed her abortion. Emily is an abortion counselor and admits she wasn't using birth control when she was impregnated…

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  • Latin Tuesday: May 27, 2014

    David Wilezol's lesson for Latin Tuesday: “Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.” – Virgil, Aeneid, 1.203 “Perhaps one day these things will even be a pleasure to remember.” Aeneas speaks these words to his men after they are shipwrecked. It is an encouragement to consider that tough circumstances don't always…

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  • The Summer of Common Core

    Most observers who have paid any attention at all know that Common Core is the single most divisive issue within the GOP these days, and that fizzier has spread from right to left as indeed have many of the issues surrounding education reform. Today's the New York Times catches up…

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  • A Young College Grad Calls My Show

    Last week, on my radio talk show, I received a call from Jeff, a 21-year-old in North Carolina. I have abridged it and edited it stylistically. JEFF: I wanted to respond to your question about America being feared in the world. You brought up Syria. I think it's a little…

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    A new poll for Politico focused on the key battleground states for the 2014 election and showed overwhelming opposition to Obamacare. Only 11% of likely voters wanted to keep the Affordable Care Act intact and in place, without significant changes, and the current Veterans Administration scandal shows why this skepticism…

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