• Republicans Change Party Rules

    icon Bruce Ash

    Attention Republican men and women in Arizona and across America. Change is in the air... and it's great news for our country and the world. Last week the Republican National Committee acted with overwhelming unity to change our party rules to help us take back the White House in 2016.…

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  • Unbalanced Hatred in the Middle East

    Unbalanced Hatred in the Middle East

    President Obama's interview with New Yorker magazine generated controversy with its insistence that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. But he's been pushing another false equivalence that is even more outrageous—and dangerous. Noting that Sunni nations like Saudi Arabia share Israel's interest in restraining Iran, the president speculated that…

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  • Feds Fight Drunken Sex on Campus

    Feds Fight Drunken Sex on Campus

    In late January, the president convened a task force of “senior administration officials” to stop drunken sex on college campuses. He endorsed a new report from the White House Council on Women and Girls showing that many female victims are “abused while they're drunk, under the influence of drugs or…

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  • Explaining Poverty

    Explaining Poverty

    With President Obama stressing economic inequality in his State of the Union Address, a new poll seemed to support the idea that the nation's distribution of wealth is fundamentally unfair. According to the Pew Research Center, more people say an individual's poverty comes from “circumstances beyond his or her control”…

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  • Obama’s “Dream” and the Abortion Nightmare

    Obama’s “Dream” and the Abortion Nightmare

    Barack Obama won the presidency in large part through promises to unify America and close painful gaps in our society. Unfortunately, he missed an important chance to advance that process on the recent 41st anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade decision on abortion. The president could have acknowledged the thousands…

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  • The Good News About The SOTU

    The Good News About The SOTU

    Tonight's State of the Union will inevitably be viewed differently by people who have watched Nettflix's “Mitt” over the past five days than by those who are simply sick and tired of the droning president. The audio and transcript of my interview with Mitt Romney from Monday are here. Reactions…

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  • The House GOP Sounds Retreat (Or Should)

    Even The New York Times admits 2014 is a GOP year this morning. That could change of course –if Israel attacks Iran and the president strongly backs Israel (much as 1962′s election trends and results changed when the Cuban Missile Crisis came and went) or if one or more high…

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