• The Year of Authenticity–Not Anger

    The Year of Authenticity–Not Anger

    The surprising strength of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in primary campaigns of both parties leads leading commentators to describe 2016 as the “Year of Anger” for the electorate. But a closer look at recent returns suggests that voters actually care more about another A-word: authenticity. Whatever their faults in…

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  • “Where To Invade Next” Exposes Liberal Delusions

    “Where To Invade Next” Exposes Liberal Delusions

    WHERE TO INVADE NEXT is the title of the latest movie by leftist documentarian Michael Moore, and it powerfully exposes an underlying flaw in the progressive world view. In the film, Moore travels the globe to praise countries like Slovenia, Finland, Tunisia and Portugal, which supposedly handle drug addiction, education,…

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  • Less Is More (Where GOP Candidates Are Concerned)

    By Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy Let the winnowing begin. The day after Donald Trump dominated the New Hampshire primary by taking 35% of the vote and ten delegates, New Jersey governor and former federal prosecutor Chris Christie and former Hewlett Packard chief Carly Fiorina dropped out. Given their poor…

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  • Ashleigh Banfield – Rebecca Costa

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    Ashleigh Banfield is a Canadian-American journalist for CNN, and host of the legal news program, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield. She worked as a producer and evening news anchor for CITC in Calgary, Canada, during which she also was a freelance associate producer for ABC's World News Tonight. Banfield was…

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  • Iowa Proves It: Dems More Divided Than GOP

    Iowa Proves It: Dems More Divided Than GOP

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Democrats are more ideologically divided than Republicans—and the Iowa Caucuses proved it. Entrance Polls showed Republican voters expressing near unanimous support for conservative principles: a full 85% described themselves as “conservative” while only 15% saw themselves as “moderate or liberal.” Among Democrats who participated in…

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  • Hillary’s Dangerous Vulnerability on Personal Integrity

    Hillary’s Dangerous Vulnerability on Personal Integrity

    Despite Bernie Sanders' strong showing in Iowa, Hillary Clinton remains the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination—and that's good news for Republicans because of her profound vulnerability on issues of personal integrity. Among Democratic caucus participants in Iowa, a fourth said that the quality that mattered most to them was…

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    The results of the Iowa caucuses and the numbers provided in authoritative entrance polls suggest seven unexpected lessons from the Hawkeye State: Donald Trump will not run the table. After six months in which Trump dominated the discussion and became a polarizing issue for Republicans, it's now increasingly clear where…

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