• Liberation From Loony Libertarians

    If Republicans fall short of taking control of the US Senate in next week's elections, oddball activists behind quixotic third party campaigns will deserve part of the blame (or credit, if you're a liberal). At least voters in Oregon will be able to cast ballot for a worthwhile reform to…

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  • Christine Todd Whitman – Rebecca Costa

    Christine Todd Whitman – Rebecca Costa

    Christine Todd Whitman is an American politician and author who served as the 50th Governor of New Jersey from 1994 to 2001 and was the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bush administration from 2001 to 2003. Whitman is first, and up to this point, the only female…

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  • Congrats! GOP Has Already Won

    With at least a dozen exceedingly close contests in every part of the country, no one knows for certain who will control the US Senate after November 4th. But in the more significant, long-term contest for national dominance it's safe to declare that the GOP has already won a significant…

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    Conservative outside groups have launched surprising ads for a Libertarian nominee in North Carolina's tight Senate race—with the Republican Thom Tillis challenging incumbent Kay Hagan. “More Weed, Less War,” say new commercials for pizza delivery man Sean Haugh, who favors legalized marijuana and big defense cuts. According to the conservative…

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    New polling shows that the “War on Women” theme with which Democrats hope to rally their female base seems to be flopping across the country. In the crucial Senate race in Arkansas, women voters give GOP Senate challenger Tom Cotton a solid edge, joining their husbands and brothers and sons…

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  • If It Damages America, It’s Good for Democrats

    In almost every area of American life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democratic Party. And vice versa. Marriage. Even today, after decades of feminism, most Americans agree that it is better for women (and for men) — and better for society — when women (and…

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  • Carol Moseley Braun – Rebecca Costa

    Carol Moseley Braun – Rebecca Costa

    Carol Moseley Braun is an American politician who represented Illinois in the United States Senate from 1993 to 1999. She was the first African-American woman to win an election to the U.S. Senate after defeating opponent Richard Williamson. In 1999, President Bill Clinton appointed Moseley Braun U.S. Ambassador to New…

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    Out-of-date or non-existent statistics often spur irrational conclusions about major issues. For instance, many liberals today worry about military-style assault rifles and call for a renewed ban on their sale. But government figures show only 2 percent of gun crimes involve so-called assault weapons and overall gun homicides declined an…

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