• Misplaced Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Misplaced Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Surging populist campaigns by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have convinced many observers that 2016 represents a “year of anger” but no one can agree on what, exactly, the American electorate is supposed to be so angry about. On the right, activists say people are furious because Barack Obama has…

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  • Why I’m putting away my political crystal ball

    Prognostications are part of a political pundit's job description. If you bat a Ted Williams-level .400 over your career that's commentator Hall of Fame stuff. But mostly we all get most of the calls wrong. There are just too many moving parts in politics, including even the weather, as when…

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  • Follow W’s lead, Mr. President

    The New York Times' Saturday story on the details of Wednesday's terrorist attack contained a remarkable paragraph buried deep in the report: In a Dallas suburb, about a dozen protesters congregated outside the Islamic Center of Irving last month, some covering their faces with bandannas and carrying hunting rifles, tactical…

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  • Death Of The Campaign Blueprint

    When it comes to political campaigns, the past used to be the best predictor of the future. But no more. Speaking on The Costa Report, political history buff and host of MSNBC's Meet the Press Daily, Steve Kornacki, summed up the 2016 Presidential race, "New rules for politics are being written in real time…

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  • No hearings. No votes

    Lame duck presidents don't get to make successful nominations for lifetime appointments in an election year. Not in 2016. Not for the past 80 years. It is that simple. And it doesn't matter who the president nominates — even if lightning struck and he nominated an originalist in the mold…

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  • The Year of Authenticity–Not Anger

    The Year of Authenticity–Not Anger

    The surprising strength of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in primary campaigns of both parties leads leading commentators to describe 2016 as the “Year of Anger” for the electorate. But a closer look at recent returns suggests that voters actually care more about another A-word: authenticity. Whatever their faults in…

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