• “It is our job to figure out what happened.”

    “It is inaccurate to state that every single one of them was influenced by this hateful video.” This statement is part of Hillary's 36 page “fog of war” chapter on Benghazi, a chapter obtained at least in part by Politico's Maggie Haberman, and it appears to be indicative of how…

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  • When Your Book Is Instantly Discredited

    Phillip Longman is “a Senior Research Fellow with the New America, where he works on health care delivery system reform and issues related to market concentration. He is also the senior editor of Washington Monthly and a lecturer at Johns Hopkins, where he teaches health care policy.” “His work on…

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  • Robert Gates – Rebecca Costa

    Robert Gates – Rebecca Costa

    Robert Michael Gates served as the 22nd United States Secretary of Defense from 2006 to 2011. After 26 years working for both the CIA and the National Security Council, Gates was asked by President George W. Bush to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense in 2006. He served in…

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  • Letter to Mayor and Council regarding City Budget

    Dear Mayor and Councilmembers, The Tucson Hispanic Chamber Business Advocacy committee has spent time discussing our opinion on the priorities for the City's budget. We've followed your discussions in the media and in your Ward newsletters. Our businesses have been severely impacted during the recent economic recession and we are…

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  • Lawyer Up, VA People. Today.

    After yesterday's show, I attended a function hosted by my law firm at which I was talking with one of its white collar criminal defense lawyers. Specifically we were talking about the False Statements Act –18 U.S.C. Section 1001. Simply put, it is a crime to make a false statement…

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  • Climate Doom: Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

    Dr. Eric Cline had a provocative piece in the New York Times this morning. Dr. Cline is the author of 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed. We chatted on the show today, and it turns our Dr. Cline isn't urging any political agenda (which the New York Times' editorial page…

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