• On The Adam Carolla Show

    On The Adam Carolla Show

    I had great fun with Adam Carolla, Gina, Bald Bryan and the entire team taping a show yesterday, even though it meant listening to the Cavs lose on the radio rather than watching them do so. Carolla maintains more energy in a studio for an extended period of time than…

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  • Ted Nugent – Rebecca Costa

    Ted Nugent – Rebecca Costa

    Theodore Anthony ”Ted” Nugent is an American musician, hunter, and political activist from Detroit, Michigan. A talented musician since age 6, Nugent fronted the band Amboy Dukes in the 1970s, and has produced solo work since 1977, including the successful album Cat Scratch Fever. Throughout his career, Nugent has served…

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  • “Victim” As Bully

    One of the most accomplished scientists in his field, a Nobel Laureate for Pete's sake, has, obviously under duress, resigned his post because of some very un-PC things he said about women in science. Even a neanderthal like myself recognizes the lack of wisdom in what he said in the…

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  • GOP Ticket Needs a Woman: Which One?

    GOP Ticket Needs a Woman: Which One?

    For two reasons, Republicans must select a female nominee for Vice President. First, because a woman can play the attack-dog role against Hillary without backlash about sexism and, second, because the GOP must win a decisive majority of white females for any chance of victory. But which female leaders to…

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  • How Rice as Running Mate Could Power Victory

    How Rice as Running Mate Could Power Victory

    Imagine Republicans running against Hillary with the slogan: “Not your grandmother's GOP.” If they choose a young leader, Scott Walker or Marco Rubio for president, and Condaleezza Rice for Vice President, that slogan emphasizes that tired charges of Republican racism no longer work. It also emphasizes the GOP youthfulness advantage:…

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  • Chairman Paul Ryan On TPA and Ex-Im

    Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan joined me in the second hour today to promote Trade Promotion Authority, and replied in the course of doing so to criticisms of TPA made earlier in the show by Texas Governor Rick Perry and to my belief that Congress ought to combine…

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