• Ohio Governor John Kasich On 2016

    Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me on Tuesday's program: Audio: 04-21hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: Beginning today's show with the governor of the great, and I do mean great state of Ohio, John Kasich. Governor Kasich, welcome back, it's always a pleasure to talk to you. JK: I'm calling from Warren, Ohio.…

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  • Wisconsin’s Shame

    David French's National Review article on the “John Doe” investigations that plagued Wisconsin conservatives over the past few years is a chilling and very necessary piece of writing, perhaps the best article of the year, and worthy of wide dissemination. It is also a glimpse of the future if the…

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  • Our Dark View Of The World

    I am quite certain not everyone watches for superhero movies like I do. They are a life long passion for me. So when new trailers for superhero movies are released, I look. With the release of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron less than two weeks away, the trailers,…

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  • Black Murderers Matter

    The “Black Lives Matter” campaign is based on as big a lie as the “campus rape culture” lie; the Rolling Stone magazine gang rape at the University of Virginia fraternity lie; the gang rape by the Duke University lacrosse team lie; the “Hands Up, Don't Shoot” Ferguson lie; and all…

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  • For California, Gay Astronaut Beats Sainthood

    For California, Gay Astronaut Beats Sainthood

    Which Californian represents the state's splendor and greatness most appropriately; the Catholic saint who founded nine settlements that grew into major cities or a recently deceased astronaut who completed two missions on the space shuttle? Does the answer change because the astronaut in question – Sally Ride– happened to be…

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  • Happiness Soars – Along With Inequality

    Happiness Soars – Along With Inequality

    For contemporary liberals, income inequality is the source of all evil and the root cause for the world's social, racial and economic problems. Capital In The Twenty-First Century, by the French professor Thomas Piketty has become the most influential leftist book of our time – one of those weighty, cinder-block…

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  • “Out Where The West Begins”

    “Out Where The West Begins”

    My Washington Examiner column Monday concerns the new book Out Where The West Begins by Phil Anschutz –and the 2016 GOP race. The book is a wonderful read, and for reasons discussed in the column, a very useful one for anyone questing to be the Republican nominee in 2016. .

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  • NBC’s Chuck Todd On The Start Of Campaign 2016

    NBC's Chuck Todd joined me on Friday's show: Audio: 04-17hhs-todd Transcript: HH: Beginning this hour with Chuck Todd, host of NBC's Meet The Press on Sunday. Chuck, with everything going on, including the consulate bombing in Irbil, I don't even know what you're going to start with. But it's got…

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