• Once more into the Supreme Court breach

    Third time's a charm. Or not. Over the last two weeks I have tried to use this space to persuade #NeverTrumpers that their opposition to Donald Trump, no matter how deeply principled on their part, should yield to the manifest damage that would be done to the rule of law…

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  • New Voters Mean New Hope for Embattled GOP Senators

    New Voters Mean New Hope for Embattled GOP Senators

    There's good reason that even conservatives who harbor grave doubts about Donald Trump's candidacy – as I do – should hope that he runs the most vigorous possible campaign. The ferocious energy of Mr. Trump's campaign will no doubt bring many angry Americans to the polls, some of them for…

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  • Trump’s Path to Victory: Tough, Not Impossible

    Trump’s Path to Victory: Tough, Not Impossible

    Commentators in the mainstream media want to suggest that the presidential race is already over – with a lopsided Clinton win all but assured. If Trump supporters believe their cause is lost, they may stay home–damaging Republicans up and down the ticket. But the truth is that Trump still has…

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  • Pope Francis and the Decline of the West

    Pope Francis and the Decline of the West

    Pope Francis made comments last week that reveal the most important single thing you need to know about the modern world: The most dynamic religion of the last hundred years has been leftism. Not Christianity, and not Islam, but leftism. Leftism has taken over the world's leading educational institutions, the…

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  • Troubled Parties, Divided by Race

    Troubled Parties, Divided by Race

    Republicans draw frequent criticism for their weak performance among blacks, Latinos and Asians, with Donald Trump, like Mitt Romney before him, losing non-white voters by a crushing margin of three to one. But few observers note that Democrats also perform poorly among the majority of voters who define themselves as…

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  • Does More Porn Mean Less Sex?

    Does More Porn Mean Less Sex?

    Research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior brings surprising news: younger Millennials—those below age 26—engage in less sex than their counterparts among Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, with fewer partners and less frequent instances of intimacy. Among high school students, a substantial majority have no sexual experience, while 25 years ago…

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  • It’s the Supreme Court, stupid

    Of course I am voting for Donald Trump. You should be too if you are a conservative. Let me break this down into three arguments, the first of which is Trump's trump card on the #NeverTrumpers. If Hillary Clinton wins, the Left gavels in a solid, lasting, almost certainly permanent…

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  • The Great Hillary Whitewash

    by Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy Listening to President Bill Clinton speak at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, the night Hillary was formally nominated by the Democrats, one might be forgiven for wondering about whom he was speaking. In attempting to cast Hillary as the great love of…

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