• Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd On The Iran “Deal”

    NBC Meet The Press host Chuck Todd joined me on today's show: Audio: 04-03hhs-todd Transcript: HH: It's Friday. That means Chuck Todd, the host of Sunday's Meet The Press, it's going to be a great one on Sunday. He's going to talk to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Chuck, Happy Passover…

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  • For Her Campaign, Hillary Selects Contradictory Goals

    For Her Campaign, Hillary Selects Contradictory Goals

    The Democratic frontrunner has reportedly selected the two themes she plans to emphasize in her presidential campaign but seems unconcerned that the twin goals contradict one another. The March 23 headline in the New York Times proclaimed “Hillary Clinton Tests Two Themes for 2016: Working Together and Inequality.” Laura Meckler…

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  • Steven King – Rebecca Costa

    Steven King – Rebecca Costa

    Steven A. King is the U.S. Representative for Iowa's 4th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2003. King serves on the Agriculture Committee and brings valuable knowledge to Congress as an agribusiness man and small business owner for 28 years. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, King sits…

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  • Senator Rand Paul Campaign Manager Doug Stafford

    Doug Stafford is running Senator Rand Paul's PAC and joined me on today's show: Audio: 04-02hhs-stafford Transcript: HH: I'm joined now, though, by Doug Stafford. He's the executive director of RandPAC, as in RandPAC. You might have guessed, that is Senator Rand Paul's political action committee. Doug, welcome to the…

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  • Support Memories Pizza in Indiana Here

    Donate here to support Memories Pizza in Indiana, which has been forced to close after an onslaught of criticism because it said it wouldn't cater gay weddings: Brought to you by

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  • Stuff You Need To Read on Indiana

    John Hinderaker: The hysterical reaction to Indiana's law can only be described as insane. Or is it? Hans Fiene at The Federalist: Why do so many young adults paint absurd caricatures of Christians who request government protection of their religious freedoms, arguing their true goal is to ban gay men…

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  • Why Big Companies Claim a Race Crisis

    Why Big Companies Claim a Race Crisis

    Is America in 2015 facing a major crisis in race relations? Some significant players in the corporate world have invested money and prestige in a major effort to get you to think so. How do major companies, or the nation at large, benefit from persuading the public that the United…

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