• Support Memories Pizza in Indiana Here

    Donate here to support Memories Pizza in Indiana, which has been forced to close after an onslaught of criticism because it said it wouldn't cater gay weddings: Brought to you by

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  • Why Big Companies Claim a Race Crisis

    Why Big Companies Claim a Race Crisis

    Is America in 2015 facing a major crisis in race relations? Some significant players in the corporate world have invested money and prestige in a major effort to get you to think so. How do major companies, or the nation at large, benefit from persuading the public that the United…

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  • Good New on Soda – In Spite of Government

    Occasionally, an item of good news has nothing to do with government or politics. New figures from Beverage Digest show that per-person consumption of carbonated soft drinks fell last year to their lowest level in 28 years. Soda consumption overall has now decreased ten years in a row, indicating that…

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  • “Moral Equivalence” Argument Sinks to New Depths

    “Moral equivalence” has long been a favorite liberal argument – noting that America isn't perfect so we have no right to condemn evil. Premiering a new violin concerto with the New York Philharmonic, acclaimed composer John Adams explained it was inspired by an exhibition he saw in Paris exposing the…

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  • Latin Tuesday

    Today's Latin Tuesday post courtesy of David Wilezol: Seneca, Questiones Naturales, Book VI: Cum timendi sit causa nescire, non est tanti scire, ne timeas? “Since the cause of the fear is ignorance, is it not worth while to gain the knowledge that will dispel it?” Brought to you by

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  • Life Lessons from the German Air Disaster

    It is far easier for an individual to do great evil than to do great good. That the world isn't fair is known to every human being who thinks. It may be our first insight into life. What child who ever complained, “That's not fair,” wasn't told by some adult,…

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  • Vladimir Pozner – Rebecca Costa

    Vladimir Pozner – Rebecca Costa

    Vladimir Pozner is a legendary Russian journalist, best known in the West for bridging the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In 1994, Pozner founded the School for Television Excellence in Moscow, to educate and promote young journalists. He was president of the Russian Television Academy until…

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  • A GOP Rising Star Victimized by Lavish Decor

    A GOP Rising Star Victimized by Lavish Decor

    Aaron Schock has always been considered something of a prodigy. At age 19, he became the youngest elected school board member in Illinois history. At age 23, he set another record when he won election to the legislature as the youngest member ever of the Illinois General Assembly. Four years…

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  • Hillary and Jeb Could Both Lose “The Story Primary”

    Hillary and Jeb Could Both Lose “The Story Primary”

    Ted Cruz got one thing right when he became the first officially announced presidential candidate: He launched his speech by telling his story, describing his parents and their struggles. This might not win a nomination for the Republican senator from Texas, but history strongly suggests that voters will select the…

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