• Insecure Parents and Ivy League Degrees

    Insecure Parents and Ivy League Degrees

    In this season of grads and dads, I'll admit that if any of my three children had followed their father's example and chosen to study at Yale, I would have somehow scraped together the money to pay for it. As it happens, they made other plans: graduating from a distinguished…

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  • Peter Schweizer On Jeb Bush

    Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer was on my show today, and in the second part of the interview I asked him about reports that he was digging into former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's financial history.: Audio: 05-12hhs-schweizer Transcript: HH: The Clinton Cash book makes clear that the Clintons never tell…

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  • CNBC’s John Harwood On Dr. Ben Carson And Interviews

    CNBC's John Harwood joined me today to talk about Dr. Ben Carson's complaints to him –about me: Audio:05-11hhs-harwood Transcript: HH: I begin this hour with John Harwood, one of his colleagues at the New York Times, also Washington political reporter for CNBC. Hello, John, welcome to the program, it's New…

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  • Israel and “White Privilege”

    Israel and “White Privilege”

    In college campuses across the country, student activists for the “BDS” campaign demand that universities “boycott, divest, and sanction” to punish Israel. When defenders of the Jewish state resist this pressure, leftists often respond with the slogan “Check Your Privilege!”—insisting that Israel's existence relies on discrimination by wealthy white people…

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  • Christians In Decline?

    So, the Pew Religious Landscape Survey is out and the media is busy telling us that Christianity is in “steep decline” in the United States. I have not had much time to get into the details of the numbers, but I will say that while the decline in Christian affiliation…

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  • Being Our Own Worst Enemy

    After more than 40 years of life as an active Christian and having personally been on the receiving end of some really boneheaded moves purportedly in the name of Christ you would think I would quit being astonished when I encounter Christian jerks, but alas. I have written in this…

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