• DIANE MEDVED: The Right Theme Song for a New Era

    DIANE MEDVED:  The Right Theme Song for a New Era

    BY DIANE MEDVED Throughout his history-making campaign, the president-elect concluded each tumultuous rally on the same puzzling note: playing the Rolling Stones song “You Can't Always Get What You Want', with a slow, angelic chorus pronouncing the words as if they represented holy writ. Looking back after Mr. Trump's astonishing…

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  • False Charges of Racism

    False Charges of Racism

    Liberal commentators have attempted to tarnish Donald Trump's astonishing victory by blaming racism for his triumph. But the simple arithmetic of GOP success proves that racism had little to do with it. In 2016, Mr. Trump got fewer white votes than any of the three prior GOP nominees, Romney, McCain…

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  • A Final Plea to Never-Trumpers

    A Final Plea to Never-Trumpers

    It is very hard to publicly affirm a position for nearly a year and to then, at the last minute, change one's mind. Nevertheless, even as late as Election Day itself, I wish to address those conservatives and Republicans who have declared themselves Never-Trumpers. I was one of you in…

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  • The choice

    Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent made a comprehensive five part closing argument for Donald Trump for president here. Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College — speaking for himself and not his community of teachers, students and staff at Hillsdale — made an argument about both Hillary Clinton and Donald…

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  • Don’t Lose Touch with American Optimism

    Don’t Lose Touch with American Optimism

    In the concluding days of the long, bitter campaign, a slight economic improvement sparked a new burst of hope. According to CNN/ORC polling, 54% thought things were “going well” in America, while only 46% said they were going poorly—the best rating in nearly 10 years. This correlates with big increases…

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  • A Painful Problem that Government Won’t Solve

    A Painful Problem that Government Won’t Solve

    A new report from the American Cancer Society highlights the tragic toll of smoking-related cancers: 167,000 deaths in the most recent yearly statistics from tobacco-caused cancer alone, not even including additional smoking-based deaths caused by other lung and circulatory problems. This means the number of cancer victims who perish due…

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  • YouTube vs. Conservative Speech

    YouTube vs. Conservative Speech

    Last week, The Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial about YouTube restricting access to 16 videos — down from 21 — that were created and posted online by my nonprofit educational organization, Prager University. The subheading read, “YouTube thinks Dennis Prager's videos may be dangerous.” The Journal said: “Tech giants…

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  • New Discoveries Show Israel’s Pre-Biblical Importance

    New Discoveries Show Israel’s Pre-Biblical Importance

    Researchers from Harvard and the Smithsonian have recently unearthed a 10,000-year-old village called Ain Ghazal in Jordan, one of the oldest sites showing the fateful human transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers growing crops and domesticating animals. They also made sculptures and built circular shrines. The oldest such site goes back…

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  • Sounding the Alarm on Maternal Death Rate

    Sounding the Alarm on Maternal Death Rate

    New numbers released by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation show alarming increases in the maternal death rate for American women. While most nations saw improvements in the survival of pregnant women and new mothers, in the United States the situation has gotten significantly worse. The maternal death rate…

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