• Could Anyone Replace Trump?

    Could Anyone Replace Trump?

    A quick thought experiment reveals the real nature of the movement Donald Trump has inspired. Imagine that Mr. Trump, who turns 70 in June, suffered a sudden health crisis and became incapacitated. Could anyone possibly replace him as head of his movement–advancing his ideals and programs to “make America great…

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  • Misdirected Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Misdirected Anger Pollutes Our Politics

    Surging populist campaigns by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have convinced many observers that 2016 represents a “year of anger” but no one can agree on what, exactly, the American electorate is supposed to be so angry about. On the right, activists say people are furious because Barack Obama has…

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  • Six reasons Trump is still better than Clinton

    Six reasons Trump is still better than Clinton

    I spent Friday's radio show explaining to incredulous guests that of course I'd support Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee. “But after he just insulted you and your radio show in front of 15 million people?” came the question. When I reminded Trump at Thursday's debate that it…

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  • Focusing on the Wrong Issue

    Focusing on the Wrong Issue

    The worst part of the GOP Presidential debate in Houston involved its disproportionate focus on illegal immigration. The CNN moderators began with that topic, and stayed with it for more than a third of the debate's running time. You'd think that the flow of unauthorized migrants represented the public's top…

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  • Misleading Chatter about a “Brokered Convention”

    Misleading Chatter about a “Brokered Convention”

    Commentators in mainstream media have begun speaking obsessively about a so-called “brokered convention”—acknowledging the possibility that no candidate will come to Cleveland with a majority of first ballot votes. This is a misleading term, since there are no potential “brokers” who could dictate the outcome. The candidates themselves won't exercise…

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  • Why Do We Choose the Leaders We Hate Most?

    Why Do We Choose the Leaders We Hate Most?

    Major polls seem to agree that the two most unpopular politicians in the country are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but (unless something changes quickly) the public may be forced to choose between these reviled figures in the November election. The latest Wall Street Journal poll shows 49 percent of…

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  • Some advice for the candidates

    My last bit of ghost-writing for a candidate was in 2012, and though my career as a secret scribbler stretches back to Richard Nixon's The Real War in 1980, I'm pledged to neutrality this year until the GOP has a nominee. Then I'd be pleased, for free, to work on…

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  • Get ready for a long slog to the GOP nomination

    When then Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed potential future president and key Revolutionary figure Alexander Hamilton in a duel, the careers of both men were over. Now another “big guy” New Yorker — as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush referred to Donald Trump on Sunday's “Meet the Press”…

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