• Latin Tuesday

    Today's Latin Tuesday courtesy of our Latinist David Wilezol: From Livy's Ab Urbe Condita: Civitas ea in in libertate est posita, quae suis stat viribus, non ex alieno arbitrio pendet. That state alone is free, which rests upon its own strength, and does not depend upon the will of another.…

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  • 1938 and 2015: Only the Names Are Different

    We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence. Why? Because once people acknowledge evil's existence, they know they have to confront it. And most people prefer not to…

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  • William Cohen – Rebecca Costa

    William Cohen – Rebecca Costa

    William Sebastian Cohen served as both a member of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, and as Secretary of Defense under Democratic President Bill Clinton. Cohen became deeply involved in the Watergate investigation during his first term in Congress. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Cohen…

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  • TMWL: There’s an app for that!

    icon Mike Shaw

    Weight loss doesn't have to taste bad. Tucson Medical Weight Loss actually has a free app for your smart phone! With it you can track your progress and there are a ton of recipes! As you are losing weight, up to 20 pounds a month, you can be enjoying amazing…

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  • The Pope and the Hammer and Sickle

    Last week the Marxist quasi-dictator of Bolivia, Evo Morales, presented Pope Francis with a gift: a carved wooden hammer and sickle cross on which the figure of Christ is crucified. The Vatican announced that the pope had not been informed in advance about the gift. And some commentators said photos…

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  • Lincoln Chafee – Rebecca Costa

    Lincoln Chafee – Rebecca Costa

    Lincoln Davenport Chafee served as the Mayor of Warwick, a U.S. Senator, and as the 74th Governor of Rhode Island. While in the Senate, Chafee was a member of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works and he chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Middle East Subcommittee. Chafee…

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  • The Fight for Independence vs. The Secession Mistake

    The Fight for Independence vs. The Secession Mistake

    During the Fourth of July holiday some supporters of the Confederate battle flag asked why Americans celebrate the colonists breaking away from Britain, but condemn the attempt by Southerners to separate from the federal government. Actually, a key slogan of the Revolution was “no taxation without representation” – Parliament had…

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  • It’s All About Big Government Left-Right Differences: Part V

    Clarity is conservatives' best friend. If most Americans were clear about the differences between Left and Right, they would not vote Democrat in nearly the numbers they do. The Left understands this, which is why most left-wing rhetoric is dismissive of conservatives' character — “sexist,” “intolerant,” “bigoted,” “hateful,” “xenophobic,” “racist,”…

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