• New Discovery Authenticates Biblical Text

    New Discovery Authenticates Biblical Text

    Forty-six years ago Israeli archaeologists discovered a charred lump of parchment in the ark of an ancient synagogue near the Dead Sea. They couldn't unfold it without destroying the burnt scroll but hoped for future technology allowing the contents to be read. University of Kentucky researchers recently developed the necessary…

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  • Hillary’s contempt for Bernie’s folk

    Basement-dwelling baristas of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your “I'm With Her” signs. “Bernie Sanders is the real deal,” you thought, but Clinton just thought you hopelessly naive, underemployed at best with few prospects, and oppressed by Obamacare premiums that no one expected to have to…

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  • Dramatic Reverse in the Border Flow

    Dramatic Reverse in the Border Flow

    Despite alarmist rhetoric from politicians and activists, the flow of Mexican illegal immigrants across the southern border isn't surging. Actually, that flow has not only stopped, it has significantly reversed—with more undocumented Mexicans going home than arriving in the US. In a significant new report, the Pew Research Service now…

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  • The New Deal with Israel

    The New Deal with Israel

    The United States and Israel recently agreed on a foreign aid package providing $3.8 billion in military aid for each of the next ten years. This marks a sharp increase in the level of aid, but that's still less than one-tenth-of-one percent – less than one-one-thousandth – of the money…

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  • Children, “Very Important”; Marriage, Not So Much

    Children, “Very Important”; Marriage, Not So Much

    A September poll by CBS News and the New York Times revealed troubling contradictions in attitudes toward marriage and children. Nearly 2,000 adults of all ages were asked: “For you personally, is being married either now or in the future very important, somewhat important, not very important or not at…

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  • Welcome to the new Sunday morning

    An IED — or two or three — in New Jersey intended to blow up runners in a race to support Marines wounded in the wars. An IED — or two or three — in New York City intended to kill or maim civilians. A suspected “home-grown, self radicalized” jihadist…

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  • How New Media Undermines Old Hillary & Old Media

    By Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy A seismic shift is underway in how Americans, especially younger Americans, consume news. The changes may radically increase political accountability and undermine the old media's role as protector-in-chief of dishonest Democrats. Pew Research recently reported that 62% of American adults get news on social…

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  • How Is the Godless West Working Out?

    How Is the Godless West Working Out?

    There are many recent developments in the godless West. To name a few: –The Supreme Court of Italy last week ruled that public masturbation is legal (except in front of minors). –The New York City Council voted in May that public urination is not a criminal act. –The San Francisco…

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  • Hillary’s Hellish Weekend

    Hillary’s Hellish Weekend

    By every measure, Hillary Clinton suffered a disastrous weekend surrounding the 9/11 anniversary. Her near collapse on Sunday morning hurt her badly not just because it left the impression of frailty and ill-health, but due to foolish attempts to conceal her pneumonia from a public that deserves candor. Even worse,…

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