• Recent Key Transcripts/Audio On 2016

    Since returning from my vacation I am doing debate prep by doing serious interviews with as many of the candidates (and key players like past nominee John McCain). Here's the easy reference guide: Interview with Carly Fioirna, 8/10/15 Interview with John McCain, 8/10/15 Interview Mark Levin, 8/7/15 Post-Debate Interview with…

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  • Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig: Our Two Interviews

    Harvard law School Professor Lawrence Lessig Announced his exploratory committee for a candidacy for the presidency. Really, he did. Professor Lessig has been my guest twice for extended interviews. The transcripts: From February 4, 2010; From July 8, 2008. They make interesting reading for someone who wants the Democratic nomination,…

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  • How to Beat Planned Parenthood

    How to Beat Planned Parenthood

    To win the battle over funds for Planned Parenthood, conservatives must make clear that we're trying to end government sponsorship, not destroy the organization. Federal money provides only a third of the Planned Parenthood operating budget: the rest comes from donations and fees for services. Those who admire the organization…

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  • The Question Trump Can’t Answer

    The Question Trump Can’t Answer

    In the GOP debate, Donald Trump said he couldn't commit to support the ultimate nominee, and refused to rule out a third party run, but he never faced the obvious follow-up question. If he really cares about the conservative principles he now espouses, why wouldn't he promise to support the…

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  • Complainers vs. Planners

    Complainers vs. Planners

    In the wake of the Republican presidential debate, the Wall Street Journal observed that GOP candidates are now trying to win support as either “fighters” or “statesmen.” The fighters concentrate on battling against forces that they fear and resent, while the statesmen promise to build consensus for a reform agenda.…

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