• Brokering a convention, part VI

    Cleveland's Terminal Tower was still beaming off the display of red, white and blue Rock & Roll Convention of an elephant-opposite-a-guitar logo as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seated themselves in the studios of Lake Effect Media on the 40th floor of Cleveland's…

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  • Bill Bennett Responds to the Ohio State Protests

    Over the past year or so, many college campuses have been awash with protests, most notably at the University of Missouri, Yale University, and Ithaca College. In almost every instance, the administrations of these universities and colleges folded in the face of protesters who were obstructing regular campus life, staging…

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  • Keeping the Northeastern Primary in Perspective

    Keeping the Northeastern Primary in Perspective

    Tuesday should be a very good day for Donald Trump. Voters in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware and Pennsylvania will take part in selecting 172 delegates to the Republican national convention. Trump is widely expected to win all five contests and win between 98 and 123 of the 172 delegates…

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  • Brokering a convention, part V

    When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz found Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the latter was finishing a bowl of Skyline Chili 5-Way delivered to his suite at Quicken Loans Arena by an Ohio delegate who had wanted the Buckeye State governor to stay loose and relaxed. “Ted, Ted, come in. See what…

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  • Brokering a convention, part IV

    Donald Trump had shrewdly set up headquarters for his team in the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland's Tower City, smack in the heart of downtown. Reciprocity among casino owners was as advertised — legendary until it turned lethal — and Trump's excellent relationships throughout the gaming industry had opened all the…

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