• Dr. DIANE MEDVED: Are Children Resilient?

    Dr. DIANE MEDVED:   Are Children Resilient?

    by Diane Medved, Ph.D. You hear it all the time: children will get through all sorts of emotionally difficult experiences because they're “resilient.” But are they? Sophie, aged 4, reverted to diapers when her parents split up. Jason, 7, refused to go to school, clinging to his mom, when his…

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  • Democrats Repeat the Same Bad Mistakes

    Democrats Repeat the Same Bad Mistakes

    Amid all the evaluations of the first hundred days of President Trump, what about considering the first hundred days of Democrats as the party of opposition? So far, they've shown a destructive tendency to repeat the same mistakes that cost them the election in November. First, they focus exclusively on…

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  • France and the Collapse of the Left

    France and the Collapse of the Left

    French voters won't pick a new president until May 7th but the first round of balloting highlights an important international trend, the dramatic decline of the left: * The candidate of the ruling Socialists finished a pathetic fifth in France, not coming close to the run-off. * In Britain's upcoming…

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  • The Shameless Sean Spicer Hitler Hypocrisy

    Press secretary Sean Spicer publicly apologized several times for this comment about Bashar Assad, the murderous dictator of Syria: “You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons.” Spicer got hammered for supposedly minimizing the horror of the Holocaust. MSNBC's Chris Matthews, in 2013,…

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  • Two Weeks of Great Clarity

    Two Weeks of Great Clarity

    If you prize clarity, then these past weeks were some of the best in memory. 1. When America leads, the world is better. For the first time in eight years, the allies of America and the world's decent people celebrated America's return to leadership. Just about all of them understand…

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  • Trump Derangement Syndrome

    President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, said she wanted to require companies to provide paid maternity leave. The President later reaffirmed that pledge, promising six weeks of paid leave for new mothers. His “fair trade” position is practically indistinguishable from that of Bernie Sanders.…

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  • Look Forward, Not Backward

    Look Forward, Not Backward

    If the American people seem increasingly disgusted with both major political parties, that's due at least in part to the tendency of each of the two sides to look backward rather than forward. The Democrats have become utterly obsessed with the so-called “Russian Connection,” trying to expose alleged collusion between…

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