• Student Loans Amount to a Disastrous Investment

    Student Loans Amount to a Disastrous Investment

    Student loan debt has quadrupled since 2000 and stands at a staggering $1.2 trillion today—a situation comparable to the housing crisis that wrecked the economy nearly 10 years ago. Already, 7 million student-borrowers are in default—with millions more likely to follow suit. Most of these troubled loans involve young people…

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  • Can We Count on Trump to Pick the Right Judges?

    Can We Count on Trump to Pick the Right Judges?

    Despite Donald Trump's obvious shortcomings as a candidate, his enthusiastic supporters argue that his commitment to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court should persuade all Republicans to unite behind him. His racially-tinged assault on federal judge Gonazlo Curiel, however, and his repeated promises to use the justice department and…

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  • Transgender Awareness in Kindergarten?

    Transgender Awareness in Kindergarten?

    Public school officials in Washington State recently revealed an appalling new program to teach transgender awareness beginning in kindergarten as part of a new curriculum that will leave children even more confused and troubled as they approach puberty. Kindergartners are in Washington are now supposed learn that “there are many…

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  • Heather Mac Donald on the Nationwide Crime Wave

    After years of decline, crime is starting to grow around the country, particularly in some of our biggest cities. Bill and Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute discuss the “Ferguson effect,” why crime rates are rising, and how the anti-police movements hurt the inner city poor the most. Brought…

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  • Ghosting for Donald, The Trump Tower Chats, No. 1

    The setting: Donald Trump's Office, Trump Tower. Monday, June 6, 2016. 4 PM EST. Donald Trump is seated behind his desk. A single camera feeds the shot to all networks that want to carry it. They all want to carry it. “Good afternoon. I, of course, am Donald Trump, and…

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  • We’ve been telling you about the government manufactured…

    We've been telling you about the government manufactured crisis over the desk toy Buckyballs for more than a year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has put Maxfield & Oberton, the company who manufactures Buckyballs and Buckycubes, out of business, and now they're going after founder Craig Zucker…to the tune…

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  • Fourth Party Prospects for Victory

    Fourth Party Prospects for Victory

    Third party candidacies are generally a waste of time, but this year a fourth party candidacy could capture the White House. Here's how it might work: with Democrats deeply divided, the Bernie brigades might walk out of the convention, with Senator Sanders or someone from his camp running as the…

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  • An Empty Museum for an Empty “Nationality”

    An Empty Museum for an Empty “Nationality”

    Leaders of the Palestinian Authority recently dedicated the Palestinian Museum: a $24 million building meant as “a space to celebrate and redefine Palestinian art, history and culture.” The only problem: the sprawling museum opened with no exhibitions at all—highlighting the troubled nature of Palestinian identity. What is “Palestinian art, history…

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