• Should Government Block “Fat Shaming”?

    Should Government Block “Fat Shaming”?

    Complaints about EU bureaucrats interfering with every aspect of British life helped spark the recent Brexit vote in the UK. But English officials are even more intrusive – and more ridiculous – at home. The new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, kept a campaign promise by banning ads on public…

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  • Reversing the spiral

    A week from today I'll be back in #TheLand where the debris from the Cavs championship parade will still be visible in a few corners. It was just June 22 when 1.3 million residents of Northeastern Ohio crammed into downtown to celebrate the region's first championship since 1964 and its…

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  • Hillary’s Vulnerability Goes Far Beyond Emails

    Hillary’s Vulnerability Goes Far Beyond Emails

    Republicans feel perplexed and indignant over the decision by FBI Director James Comey to recommend against prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the careless, likely illegal handling of her e-mails. In responding to this troubling but predictable development, conservatives should avoid the temptation of focusing our ire on Director Comey instead of…

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  • Elie Wiesel’s Less-Celebrated Role

    When Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel died at age 87, the whole world honored him for his noble work in building Holocaust awareness through his novels and personal testimony, for his political activism in fighting genocide in around the world, and for his efforts to support a secure, humane state…

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  • Beyond Gripes and Gloom

    Beyond Gripes and Gloom

    Is American greatness a relic of the past or a reality of the present? If Republicans fumble this fundamental question and become the party of gripes and gloom, they will blow their chance of 2016 victory and imperil the party's long-term survival. The American people might feel deeply dissatisfied with…

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  • Is Trump’s Election America’s Brexit?

    by Brian Fahy & Garrett Fahy The impossible is becoming increasingly probable. In spite of his Twitter tirades, boorish behavior and propensity for prevarication, Donald Trump is, according to CBS News and Quinnipiac University polling, almost even with Hillary Clinton both nationally and in the must-win states of Florida, Colorado…

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  • What we know about Clinton’s server

    The FBI interviewed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for many hours on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon CNN Senior Producer Teddy Davis tweeted “Sources tell CNN's Evan Perez: expectation is that there will be announcement of no charges in Clinton email probe w/in next two weeks or so”. After…

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  • Where’s Winston?

    Where’s Winston?

    Winston Churchill no longer figures in Advance Placement history courses, according to this report. This is only one of many Leftist revisions. Brought to you by

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  • A Representative Republic Beats Pure Democracy

    A Representative Republic Beats Pure Democracy

    The UK's Brexit vote should remind Americans of the advantages of a representative republic over a pure democracy. The close vote to leave the European Union has already damaged the life savings and pension plans of millions who didn't vote for it—while a switch of just 2 percent of the…

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  • Brexit: Deferred Benefits, Immediate Damage

    Brexit: Deferred Benefits, Immediate Damage

    Within days after the close “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union, there's evidence of second thoughts among portions of the British public, with demonstrations to protest the decision, petitions to reconsider it, and efforts by leaders of Scotland and Northern Ireland to overturn it, or else to separate from…

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