• You Can’t Advance Justice by Dishonoring the Flag

    You Can’t Advance Justice by Dishonoring the Flag

    When prominent athletes refuse to stand for the national anthem, their defenders insist they're not dishonoring the flag, but pushing the nation toward social justice. But how can you possibly advance your cause with public gestures that most Americans find irritating and offensive? And what milestone must society reach to…

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  • Restoring a Sense of Purpose

    Restoring a Sense of Purpose

    The Jewish high holy day season culminates in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, this year on September 30th, and brings patterns of behavior that often confuse and mystify our neighbors. Why do so many nominally irreligious, unaffiliated people flock to long, demanding services on this solemn day of fasting…

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  • Who’s Divisive — the President or the Players?

    Because the left dominates the news media, the entertainment media and academia, Americans are swimming — actually, drowning — in an ocean of lies. Here are a few examples: America is racist. America oppresses its minorities. America oppresses women. Universities have a culture of rape. There are more than two…

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  • What Will Your Rabbi Talk About This Week?

    Tomorrow night is Rosh Hashana, one of the two High HoIy Days of Judaism, or “Days of Awe,” as they are called in Hebrew. The other High Holy Day, nine days later, is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Just as there are many Christians who only go to church…

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  • Politicians and the Season of Repentance

    Politicians and the Season of Repentance

    Autumn is the season for repentance in the ancient Jewish calendar. Celebration of the New Year on Thursday and Friday of this week brings the chance to review the twelve months just passed, considering where we fell short and how to do better in the year ahead. Prominent politicians need…

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  • Real Life Losses, Abstract Gains

    Real Life Losses, Abstract Gains

    To understand why right-wing activists make a mistake in pushing deportation of so-called “Dreamers” we should consider the reasons for our consistent victories in defending gun rights. For gun-owners, this is a personal issue—restrictive regulations are an interference, or an annoyance, with real-world impact. For those who choose not to…

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  • Moving the Goal Post on Racism

    In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. appeared on a BBC news show. The host asked King about Attorney General Robert Kennedy's prediction, an audacious one at the time, that a black man could be elected president in 40 years. King thought it would not take that long: “There are…

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  • No Rational Explanation for “It”

    No Rational Explanation for “It”

    After a miserable summer for movies, with box-office down some 15 percent across the board, September brought a big surprise: a modestly budgeted fright-fest with no big names smashed all records for horror films or for September releases in general. It, based on a 1986 Stephen King novel and a…

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