• Mark Steyn Analyzes The Democratic Debate

    The audio: 10-15hhs-steyn The transcript: HH: Coming up in hours two and three, I'm going to be joined by none other than Ben Bernanke, Ben, of course, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. He's got what is actually a page-turning memoir, The Courage To Act: A Memoir Of A…

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  • Patrick Kennedy – Rebecca Costa

    Patrick Kennedy – Rebecca Costa

    Patrick J. Kennedy is the former U.S. Representative for Rhode Island's 1st Congressional District. A member of the Kennedy family, Patrick served 16 years in the House of Representatives. He is the lead sponsor of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, and the founder of the…

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  • Gordon Chang: The World, Perhaps in the Last Days of Peace

    This moment has a pre-war feel. China and Russia, two aggressive states, are on the march, and the rogue regimes they sponsor, especially Iran and North Korea, now act with impunity. In the last three years, both Beijing and Moscow seized territory from their neighbors, and Washington's response has been…

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  • Inconvenient News

    Inconvenient News

    If you pay attention to European news outlets, there is a lot of coverage this morning about video released on Iranian TV of a fairly extensive underground missile base. Perhaps the most shocking thing to me is when I googled it up to look deeper essentially all the coverage is…

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  • Our Moral Confusion

    Rapidly making the rounds since The Blaze reported it yesterday is a Cleveland Plain Dealer story about ministers that gathered last week to bless an abortion clinic. Were the subject slightly less serious, the temptation to make a Cleveland wisecrack would be completely irresistible, but this just is not something…

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  • Ben Carson’s Inept and Inaccurate Analogy

    Ben Carson’s Inept and Inaccurate Analogy

    Dr. Ben Carson is a wonderful human being and a worthy presidential candidate, but he's created unnecessary problems for his campaign with careless remarks about Nazi Germany. On six occasions he's declared that “most Germans didn't support what Hitler was doing, but they kept silent, and let it happen anyway.”…

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  • An Outrageous Assault on Biblical History

    An Outrageous Assault on Biblical History

    The New York Times has earned a well-deserved reputation for anti-Israel bias in its reporting on the Middle East, but a report contesting the universally accepted history of Jerusalem's Temple Mount marks a new low. The headline declares “Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem's Holiest Place” and questions whether either…

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  • The Media Myth of “GOP Civil War”

    The Media Myth of “GOP Civil War”

    Mainstream media focus obsessive and misleading attention on what they call “The Republican Civil War.” First, Republicans aren't battling over substance or policy: the Tea Party and the Congressional leadership agree on long-term goals and quarrel only over strategies to get there. Second, it's not much of a “Civil War”…

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  • Addicted to Magical Thinking

    Addicted to Magical Thinking

    The same Republicans who express appropriate outrage over President Obama's shameless demagoguery on gun control should reconsider their own exploitative oversimplification of the similarly tortured question of illegal immigration. In reacting to the horrifying shootings in Oregon, the president declared: “This is a political choice that we make, to allow…

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  • Humanity

    Back in August when it was first released, I linked to a study from the Reproduciblity Project about the lack of reproducibility in behavioral science studies and its implications for social policy making. (That post followed-up in part a post I had done in July on authority and science.) Come…

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