• The New York Times’ Peter Baker on Obama and Putin

    Peter Baker, The New York Times correspondent and author of the best-selling Days of Fire on the Bush years was my guest today. The audio and transcript of the interview is below. Takeaway: “I don't think [Putin] has a lot of respect for President Obama.” Audio: 03-04hhs-baker Transcript: HH: One…

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  • The Obama Collapse

    The Obama Collapse

    Vladimir Putin, Bashir Assad and Ali Hosseini Khamenei have got a working entente going. Kim Jong Un is a distant fourth partner. Xi Jinping, the president of China, isn't a fifth shareholder in this union of very bad men, but neither is he a disinterested outsider working to cabin their…

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  • Defense Cuts Demonstrate Mistaken Priorities

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel demands dramatic cuts in the nation's military to bring the number of personnel to the lowest levels since before Pearl Harbor. He never acknowledged, however, that the population 73 years ago was only 132 million—compared to 315 million today. That means the Hagel-Obama military, as…

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  • The Middle Class is Alive and Well

    If a young couple with a combined income of $21,000 can still manage to buy themselves a cozy, comfortable home, it's premature to proclaim the death of the middle class dream. Despite the painful setbacks of the Great Recession, nearly all Americans who find jobs and work hard will avoid…

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