In California, Minnesota and other states, efforts are underway to enable “transgendered” students to participate in sports teams of the opposite sex. Boys who identify as girls could play girls' basketball, while girls identifying as boys compete in boys' gymnastics. But what about hormone treatments commonly used in “transitioning” from…

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  • Edward O. Wilson – Rebecca Costa

    Edward O. Wilson – Rebecca Costa

    Edward Osborne “E.O.” Wilson is a notable American biologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist, and author. Wilson is most known for is his advancements in myrmecology, the study of ants, and he is considered to be the world's leading authority on the subject. Some of his other career achievements include being a…

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  • Unexpected Lessons from the Jobs Numbers

    Unexpected Lessons from the Jobs Numbers

    This column appeared originally at on October 7, 2014 — Last Friday, the Obama administration celebrated new numbers showing the national unemployment rate plummeting to 5.9% – the lowest official measure of joblessness since the beginning of 2008 and the financial collapse under the Bush administration. While most economists…

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  • Don’t ‘Vote for the Candidate’

    There is a noble-sounding attitude that many Americans hold regarding whom they vote for. “I vote for the candidate,” they say. It sure sounds good. Voting for the best candidate, rather than the party, sounds as American as apple pie. But as the Democratic Party has become a doctrinaire left-wing…

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  • “Visit to a Country of Ghosts” by Clark S. Judge

    The weekly column from Clark Judge: Visit to a Country of Ghosts by Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute. I spent September's last full week in Budapest, capital of Hungary. Sharing a border with Ukraine, the former Warsaw Pact country is now…

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  • “Glass Jaw” by Eric Dezenhall

    “Glass Jaw” by Eric Dezenhall

    Began and am hooked by Eric Dezenhall's Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal.” Dezenhall is founder and CEO of Dezenhall Resources, Ltd, one of the nation's leading crisis management firms. I hope to have Dezenhall on next week, but the book will…

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