• Jim Gilmore – Rebecca Costa

    Jim Gilmore – Rebecca Costa

    Jim Gilmore is the former Governor of Virginia, and candidate for the U.S. Presidency. Gilmore is the President and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, a nonprofit organization engaged in national policy to ‘promote free markets, and limited effective government.' He is the President of USA Secure, a homeland security…

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  • When Charity Is Not Charity

    There is this really cute story about Jeb Bush and Supergirl. Oh how I wish I could comic geek out on this. (If you think the TV version is “hot,” you have got to check out some of the comic versions) Signs are good Paul Ryan is going to get…

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  • Embrace of “Socialism” Reflects Dangerous Ignorance

    Embrace of “Socialism” Reflects Dangerous Ignorance

    A new poll about public attitudes toward socialism and capitalism helps explain the surprising popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders—despite his proud identification as a “democratic socialist.” The YouGov survey showed 49% of Democrats said they looked favorably on socialism, while only 37% had a favorable opinion of capitalism—the system that…

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  • Disregarding Decency, Liberty and Sanity in Jerusalem

    Disregarding Decency, Liberty and Sanity in Jerusalem

    The Palestinian Authority has honored those who perpetrate stabbing attacks against Jews as “heroes” and “martyrs”—despite the fact that victims of those attacks are almost always small children, old women, and other innocent civilians. Even worse, the justification for these terrorist atrocities is suppression of religious liberty—not its defense. On…

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  • Senator Lindsey Graham On Hillary’ “Smoking Gun” Email

    Senator Graham joined me today to discuss the Benghazi hearings: Audio: 10-22hhs-graham Transcript: HH: Perhaps next to the members of the Benghazi Select Committee, the individual on Capitol Hill who knows more about the Benghazi attacks is United States Senator Lindsey Graham. He's been watching these hearings as they unfold,…

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  • About Paul Ryan and His Conditions

    I am pretty much with Jim Geraghty on this deal: Look, Republicans, in the face of a lawless president, an opposition party that is increasingly openly socialist, a hostile, ruthless, unfair media . . . whomever we choose — Ryan, Daniel Webster, whomever — the party's got to unite behind…

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  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal On The State of 2016 Race

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joined me today to discuss 2016 and the latest WSJ/NBC polling numbers: Audio: 10-20hhs-jindal Transcript: HH: The big news of the day is that Canada has gone left big time, and Jim Webb has gone away big time. Jim Webb, the Democrat seeking the Democratic presidential…

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