• Carly Fiorina On Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers And TPA

    The Audio: 06-02hhs-fiorina The Transcript: HH: I'm so pleased to welcome back to the program Carly Fiorina, former head of Hewlett-Packard and candidate for president of the United States. Hello, Carly Fiorina, how are you? CF: I'm really well, Hugh Hewitt, how are you? HH: Well, I'm a little mystified.…

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  • Media Distortions Fuel Spike in Murders

    Media Distortions Fuel Spike in Murders

    The month of May saw tragic spikes in murder rates in Baltimore, New York, Chicago and other big cities—an alarming reversal of nearly 30 years of progress in reducing violent crime. Irresponsible media coverage of police-tensions with the black community combined with demagogic posing by leftist politicians and agitators to…

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  • G.O.P. Debates Shouldn’t Be Limited to 10

    Fox News made the unfortunate decision to limit the first Republican debate, scheduled for two months from now, to 10 participants, based on their standing in national polls. This will exclude some worthy contenders on a flimsy basis—including a candidate with 4% support, while a rival with 3% is excluded.…

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  • Restore The Patriot Act Protections ASAP

    My Washington Examiner column from Monday summarized my view on the insanity of allowing surveillance authorities to lapse in an era of metastasizing terror. Peter Baker's piece in the New York Times summarizes the state of debate with the Senate and between the Senate and the House, and Jonathan Weisman…

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  • How NOT To Prevail

    Twenty-five days ago I declared Mike Huckabee the one candidate the GOP primary does not need. Since that time I have been reading and collecting material to continue to build my case. The most prominent excoriation of Huckabee is thanks to George Will. Ron Fournier went for the obvious pun…

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  • Senator Rick Santorum On His 2016 Campaign

    Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum joined me to open today's program and discuss his announcement this week: Audio: 05-29hhs-santorum Transcript: HH: This hour, my old friend, Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania, he is back in the fray. He put his hat back in the ring this week. Senator Santorum,…

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  • Larry Flynt – Rebecca Costa

    Larry Flynt – Rebecca Costa

    Larry Claxton Flynt, Jr. is an American publisher, world-renowned defender of First Amendment rights, and Chairman of the Hustler brand of properties. Flynt is the president of Larry Flynt Publications, which consists of over 30 magazines, including Chic, and Barely Legal. Most recently, he released Rage Magazine, which is geared…

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