• Goodness and Entitlement

    Yesterday, Hugh called Hillary, “Two Rules” Clinton, noting how the Clinton's have long operated as if the rules for everyone else were not necessarily the rules for themselves. Tuesday, I drew a line from the how the Clinton's tended to get away with that to the extraordinarily imperial presidency of…

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  • “Two Rules” Hillary

    One set of rules for the Clintons, another set for everyone else. This is the basic approach of Bill and Hillary to public life, and the latest and still unfolding Clinton drama –this one concerning her emails– is just more evidence, if any was needed, is that “rules” are for…

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  • Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu

    There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there is another question: Why? And the answer is due to an important rule of…

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  • Netanyahu And The Congress

    Netanyahu And The Congress

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is addressing Congress this morning, but his real audience are these two men. These two can make an agreement. Congress may or may not decide to accept that agreement. But Prime Minister Netanyahu has a decision to make about such an agreement as well. Hopefully the Congress…

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  • Clinton’s, Scandal, and The Imperial Presidency

    There are a couple of scandals brewing around Hillary Clinton. One, her use of private email when SoS, is front page NYT. (Which, by the way, may be far more significant than just the preservation of documents for historical purposes.) The other scandal, far less covered, surrounds the Clinton Foundation's…

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  • Shared-X

    I'll be covering Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech on today's program with an emphasis in hours two and three. In the first hour I am using my time in the Silicon Valley on the campus of Stanford at the Hoover Institution to feature the work of Shared-X by having one of…

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