• Remembering Terry Lafferty

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    Remembering Terry Lafferty

    Our dear friend and co-worker Terry Lafferty just went to be with the Lord. She was amazing. As her sister, Holly, told us this weekend Terry was designed to do promotions for our radio stations. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic (God in us) promotion of our stations was inspirational. She battled cancer bravely…

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  • The Nobel Prize Encourages a Dangerous Fantasy

    The Nobel Prize Encourages a Dangerous Fantasy

    In another inane choice for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee selected an organization known as ICAN—the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The idea of “abolishing” nuclear weapons is absurd, of course: if the world enacted the restrictive treaties proposed by the campaign, then decent, law-abiding…

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  • When Political Correctness Tops Personal Decency

    When Political Correctness Tops Personal Decency

    The New York Times recently reported on allegations of shameless sexual harassment by Oscar-winning movie mogul Harvey Weinstein from dozens of young women, with expensive settlements paid out to at least eight of them. In his bizarre response, Weinstein acknowledged that he “caused a lot of pain” and planned to…

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  • The Vegas Killer’s Obvious Addiction

    The Vegas Killer’s Obvious Addiction

    While motives behind the Las Vegas massacre still​ remained very much in doubt, liberal pundits rushed out​ to blame the killer's fascination with firearms for pushing an ordinary man to mass murder. Actually, Stephen Paddock nursed another obsession far longer, and far more intensively, than he ever indulged an interest…

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  • The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel

    The most infamous libel in history is the one known as the Blood Libel. This was the medieval lie leveled at Jews in some European countries that accused the Jews of killing Christian children to use their blood to make Passover matzo. As the author of a book on the…

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  • The National Anthem Protests — Do Facts Matter?

    Where was the angry left when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the national anthem protests “dumb and disrespectful”? Let's focus on the “dumb” part. NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who started the protests, did so over the supposed widespread instances of police brutality against blacks. Kaepernick said, “I am…

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  • You Can’t Advance Justice by Dishonoring the Flag

    You Can’t Advance Justice by Dishonoring the Flag

    When prominent athletes refuse to stand for the national anthem, their defenders insist they're not dishonoring the flag, but pushing the nation toward social justice. But how can you possibly advance your cause with public gestures that most Americans find irritating and offensive? And what milestone must society reach to…

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  • Restoring a Sense of Purpose

    Restoring a Sense of Purpose

    The Jewish high holy day season culminates in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, this year on September 30th, and brings patterns of behavior that often confuse and mystify our neighbors. Why do so many nominally irreligious, unaffiliated people flock to long, demanding services on this solemn day of fasting…

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